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Research Support Network

The Research Support Network (RSN) is designed to actively promote, support and foster quality health professional education (HPE) research.


Peer review service

The RSN offers a peer review service to Prideaux Centre researchers who are seeking feedback on a research proposal, grant application, or manuscript for publication.

This service aids in ensuring that planned research activities have academic merit and will be conducted with integrity.

Researchers who are external to Flinders University can use the service. A consulting fee can be negotiated with the Prideaux Centre Director.

For grant application and manuscript feedback:
Email your document to the Research Manager with any additional information that may assist reviewers (who will remain anonymous). Please ensure that ample time is given for the review process to occur (approximately 3-4 weeks).


For research proposals and ethics applications:

  1. Submit your research proposal (up to 3000 words) to the Research Manager
    using the research proposal proforma  RSN Proposal Proforma (DOCX 24KB)  and your completed Ethics Declaration  Ethics Declaration Form (PDF 130KB)  .

    *Note: The peer review must occur before preparing and submitting an application to the Flinders University Social and Behavioural Research Ethics Committee.

  2. Review proposal
    Two reviewers are invited to review the proposal for its academic merit, integrity, quality, feasibility, usefulness and resource needs, and provide feedback. 
    The RSN Chair receives the collated feedback and conducts an independent ethical risk assessment on the project.
  3. Receive feedback
    Feedback is provided to the principal researcher and either:
    • Responds to the request to revise and resubmit the proposal.
    • Receives a letter of endorsement.
      • Where a project is deemed to carry NO or NEGLIGIBLE risk:
        The researcher receives a project approval number and a signed letter indicating that ethical approval has been obtained from the RSN. This constitutes ethical approval for the project and does not require an application to be made to SBREC.
      • Where a project is deemed to carry LOW or HIGH risk:
        The researcher receives a letter of support for the project that can be included with the application for ethics approval from SBREC.


Research mentoring

The RSN seeks to build the capacity of HPE researchers by providing access to research mentoring and peer support.

Appropriate mentors are sourced from the Prideaux Centre membership to work with researchers, providing guidance, advice and support.