Supporting Research with Biomedical Engineering

FBE supports researchers in the Flinders University School of Medicine and clinicians at Flinders Medical Centre. FBE have extensive mechanical, electronic and programming resources , skilled biomedical engineers and technicians with a range of expertise, and a network of clinical & academic experts to enable complete development for novel clinical and research devices from original concept and design through to manufacture of pre-production prototypes.

Clinical devices

Perometry trolley,
smart biliary duct catheter,
oesophageal manometry,
physiological equipment tester

  Perometry trolley in use Catheter differentiating biliary and pancreatic du Oesophageal manometry system Physiological Electronic Equipment Tester

Clinical devices of the head

Epilepsy Lab, Centre for Neuroscience
EEG head amp
Ion concentration head amp

  Critical flicker  fusion frequency EEG response keypad Fingertap keypad for EEG Palatography


EMI reduction, Faraday cage,
Amplifiers, Grass strain gauges

  Faraday cage

Environmental chambers

Control heat, cool and
oxygen enriched environments

  Temperature controlled environment Flammable sign for O2 environment Rodent pool

Environmental monitors - Waste water

Effluent pond monitoring with
solar power datalogging of
dissolved O2, pH
Algal fluorometer
Water effect on copper
Paddle wheel stirrer

Solar powered data-logger Solar powered waste water monitor Algae fluorometer with ruthenium Paddle wheel

Head amplifier, slip ring

For monitoring ECG, EEG,
EOG, and temperature

  Head amplifier EEG Head amp double board Head amp side view Slip ring 65

Indurometers and Tonometers

Devices for measuring hardness
(elasticity) of tissue for
lymphoedema, burns and scleroderma

  Indurometer for lymphoedema Scleroderma Mechanical tonometer Rebound tonometer Torsional tonometer

Laboratory equipment

DNA sequencer
Microscope incubator
Magnetic stirrer

  DNA sequencer Microscope with incubator Magnetic stirrer Photometer

Laboratory instruments

Manipulator stands
Lab lifter/stand
Nitrogen chamber


  Micro manipulators Manipulator stands Laboratory stand Nitrogen chamber

Negative pressure chamber

A new lower body negative pressure
chamber has been built for use in
MRI cardiac studies

  Negative pressure cabinet for MRI Negative pressure cabinet struts Negative pressure tank

Surgical instruments

Stereotaxic uni
Sterliising baskets
Retractor sets

  Stereotaxic instrument   Sterilising basket 2 Sterilising basket 3 Retractor

Tissue monitoring accessories

Strain gauge assembly
Heat and force probe
Feather stroker

Gut strain gauge ruler Gut strain gauge assembly Heat probe for tissue Feather stroker

Tissue & organ baths

Long colon, small gated,
tiny (1.5 ml), and corneal.

Visceral Neurophysiology Laboratory

  Organ bath for long colon Organ bath for tissue Organ bath for small tissue Organ bath corneal perfusion

Tissue stretchers

Gut motility measurement

  Tissue stretcher box DC Tissue stretcher box Tissue stretcher open DC tissue stretcher