Head amplifiers

Biomedical Research Support

Head amplifiers and slip rings

FBE, Flinders Biomedical Engineering, have developed devices for researchers in the Flinders University School of Medicine to assist monitoring of up to 8 channels of EEG, ECG, EOG, and temperature. The devices are made of 18-channel slip-ring assemblies and head amplifiers.

Devices developed by Biomedical Engineering

Head Amplifiers

Miniature physiological amplifiers suitable for small animals are completely manufactured in-house. They are used for collection of physiological signals such as ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG, ion concentration (ion-selective (pH) electrodes), flow and temperature. Metal gooseneck shrouding protects the signal cables. A slip ring system is used to couple the signals to the recording equipment located outside the Faraday cage, while allowing the animals to freely move around. [BME1449, BME1421 & BME1420]

Slipring assembly

The slipring assembly enables physiological monitoring of rodents while free to move around. [BME1335]


Head amplifier EEG

Head amp inside

Head amp double board

Head amp side view

Slip ring

Publications using BME developed devices

Head amps, ECG

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Head amps, epilepsy

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Head amps, flow

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Head amps, pharmacology

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