R&D Expertise

Expertise available in the Research and Development Group of Flinders Biomedical Engineering includes: metal work, surgical instruments, plastics, motor controllers, mechanical movement, electronics sensors, solar, optics, signal quality, software, device development, monitoring devices and simulators.

Electronics sensors Electrophysiology, strain gauges, thermisters, accelerometers, amplifiers & buffers

Head amplifier EEG Palatography Head amp double board Gut strain gauge ruler
Head amp side view

Surgical instruments

Micro manipulators Manipulator stands
Sterilising basket 3 Stereotaxic instrument 

Plastics Perspex, polycarbonate, Delrin

Negative pressure cabinet for MRI Negative pressure cabinet struts Negative pressure tank Nitrogen chamber Organ bath for long colon Organ bath for small tissue DNA sequencer Organ bath for tissue Organ bath corneal perfusion

Motor controllers
Tissue stretcher open DC Tissue stretcher box 
DC tissue stretcher Heat probe for tissue Feather stroker

Mechanical movement

Rodent pool Laboratory stand Perometry trolley in use

Metal work

Temperature controlled environment Paddle wheel Oesophageal manometry system Sterilising basket 2

Device development Concept to pre-production prototype

Indurometer for lymphoedema Scleroderma Mechanical tonometer Rebound tonometer EEG response keypad 



Critical flicker  fusion frequency Catheter differentiating biliary and pancreatic du

Monitoring devices and simulators

Magnetic stirrer Photometer Torsional tonometer Physiological Electronic Equipment Tester Tissue stretcher box Fingertap keypad for EEG


Signal quality Noise reduction, faraday cages with star earth distribution

Faraday cage

Software Microchip, controllers

Data acquisition: Multi-channel DAQ and data loggers &associated software tools
Data analysis & collection: C++, LabView, MatLab

Solar powered environmental monitoring 

Solar powered data-logger