Flinders Biomedical Engineering (FBE) at the Flinders Medical Centre participates in biomedical training at many levels.

Biomedical Engineering Support Training, BEST Online

  • Online course developed by Biomedical Engineers for biomedical support staff, technicians and clinical engineers
  • Gain CPD hours (continuing professional development)
  • NIBP course available for free preview
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Work experience for undergraduates

PhD or Honours projects

Internal training for hospital staff

FBE provides medical device training to hospital staff: Laser Safety, and Electrical safety for Paramedics and Medical students.

Contract training for organisations

Experience in providing specific training for organisations includes the following:

  • International biomedical engineering training has been provided in Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Malaysia, and Hong Kong
  • International collaborative programs have involved training of participants for organisations with training ocurring both overseas and participants bought to Adelaide
  • Within Australia custom courses have been provided for TAFE

Training for clincial  engineers