Flinders Clinical and Molecular Medicine

Pioneering innovative solutions for major health issues

Flinders Clinical and Molecular Medicine is one of six multidisciplinary research and education Academic units at the Flinders University School of Medicine.

In many ways we are unique in the clinical, health and molecular field. Traditional barriers to truly collaborative research have been removed to encourage close cooperation among associated but diverse medical and health disciplines.

It’s an approach that brings together our brightest scientists with leading clinicians to advance cutting-edge approaches for prevention and treatment.

For higher degree and PhD students, these interactive opportunities are exciting and extensive.

They can be involved in internationally recognised research and learning in multidisciplinary areas covering cancer, nutrition and ophthalmology, child development to surgical innovation.


Research Focus

Flinders Clinical and Molecular Medicine is a highly active research and teaching Academic unit in the School of Medicine linking 12 key health and medical disciplines.

We are academics, clinicians, scientists and medical professionals who work together for inspiration in finding new preventions and cures for major health issues.

In addition to a range of individual and multidisciplinary research programs, the Academic unit partners have key roles in three of the university’s major centres of research:


Cancer Prevention and Control

Reducing the impact of cancer by translating cutting-edge research into clinical practice is the core focus of the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (FCIC).

Eye and vision research

Improving long-term outcomes for patients with blinding eye conditions is the principle aim of the research program of the multidisciplinary Flinders Centre for Ophthalmology, Eye and Vision Research.

Physical Activity and Nutrition Observatory: Research And Monitoring Alliance (PANORAMA)

The Physical Activity and Nutrition Observatory: Research And Monitoring Alliance "PANORAMA", will build SA Health capacity to support good nutrition and adequate physical activity.  It will be a unique hub of expertise in research, population health monitoring and evaluation, focussing upon healthy weight and its wider determinants.  The Centre will monitor progress of Eat Well Be Active programs and policies, research and evaluate what is working and help SA Health to turn this information into practical programs and policies.  PANORAMA.


Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Projects include a central role in a global trial of a new treatment for acute diarrhoeal illness in young children. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the research is tackling one of the major causes of infant death worldwide.


Email: gastroenterology.hepatology

Phone: +61 8 8204 4964

Haematology & Genetic Pathology

Key focus areas are molecular medicine and molecular genetics, particularly involving leukaemia and DNA genome repairs. The department has two main roles – diagnostic and university-based research – with an impressive record in supporting PhD students.


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Phone: +61 8 8204 4431

Medical Oncology

A leading site for clinical trials investigating new cancer treatments. Trials for breast cancer, metastatic melanoma, pancreas, lung, colon, oesophageal cancer and non-hodgkin’s lymphoma are underway. Psycho-oncology is another key focus, with the development of cancer survivorship programs, examining the psycho-social aspects of cancer and investigating the effects of treatments such as 'chemo-brain'.



Phone: +61 08 8204 8997

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Nutrition and Dietetics

A key national hub for teaching and research in this increasingly important area of health. Collaborative research programs span major community issues from obesity and childhood nutrition to healthy ageing, nutritional validation and school canteens.



The Flinders team has accumulated a massive amount of data over the past 25 years on the educational, behavourial and health outcomes of children born prematurely. Other interests include cardiac function of pre-term babies and exciting new research involving the link between thermo regulation, nutrition and growth.



Phone: +61 8 8204 4595

Obstetrics and Gynaecology


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A major centre of research and teaching into common, blinding eye conditions, the ophthalmology team also runs clinics in suburban, rural and remote out-reach areas.



Phone: +61 8 8204 4624

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A new department in The Academic unit aimed at building knowledge in areas such as the complex link between optics and vision and world-leading research into the impact of vision loss on quality of life.



Phone: +61 8 8204 3035

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Paediatrics and Child Health

In addition to extensive clinical services, the department is a key research node for world-leading research into polyunsaturated fatty acids in child development. Other main research areas include the ability of diabetic children to count carbohydrates and links between hygiene and asthma.



Phone: +61 8 8204 4669

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A cross-section of clinical and basic science research linked into the clinical activities of Flinders Medical Centre. Projects include haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, transplantation and general nephrology.



Phone: +61 8 8204 6681

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Most surgery specialities are represented at the Flinders Department of Surgery which has a major focus on translational research. The department has one of the strongest combinations of clinical and laboratory research in Australia with opportunities for both medical and science PhD students.



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