Flinders ProgramTM training in the United States & Canada

In October of this year, Dr Malcolm Battersby of FHBHRU will be travelling to the USA and Canada.  While there he will be conducting a Flinders ProgramTM workshop in a series of annual workshops at Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH) and medical school (in Eastern Pennsylvania, USA).  The Flinders Program will become part of a major research initiative in chronic disease management at the hospital and throughout its primary care network.  Dr Mark Kender from LVH will explore the outcomes of using the Flinders ProgramTM in private practice settings as part of the training of residents in family practice. 

Further training will also be provided in Alberta Canada where medical authorities are exploring the use of the Flinders ProgramTM in primary care throughout the province by establishing a network of Flinders trainers.  Training for these health professionals will occur in October 2008.