Aboriginal health workshops

Aboriginal cultural awareness and health workshops

Aboriginal culture is diverse and varies across Australia and between Northern Territory communities.

Flinders NT deliver free introductory workshops for students in Central Australia (Alice Springs) and the Top End (Darwin), which cover working with Aboriginal clients in the local context of clinical health services delivery.

There are multiple factors that influence the overall health and well-being in the Aboriginal population in Australia. Understanding these factors can contribute to better health outcomes for Aboriginal clients as health practitioners use more culturally safe, secure and holistic frameworks. 


Workshops in Central Australia (Alice Springs)

A one day Introduction to Central Australian Aboriginal Cultures and Context is held regularly in Alice Springs.
Visit the Centre for Remote Health website for more details.


Workshops in the Top End (Darwin) 


Participants in this workshop will come from diverse backgrounds and will have had varied exposure to Aboriginal health curricula, teaching and cultural experiences.

Participants with little or no Aboriginal health teaching are encouraged to review the pre-reading content. This information is provided to students who have registered in the training.


Workshop content

These sessions at the Royal Darwin Hospital campus explore the topic of working with Aboriginal clients in the context of clinical health services. As a result of the workforce diversity in the NT, the workshop will not focus on any one discipline. Students from all health disciplines and backgrounds are encouraged to attend and work through clinical conundrums which can be applied to respective work settings.

Participants are encouraged to contribute to the workshops through the sharing of experiences, by asking questions and through respectful discussion of topics and scenarios.



Workshops are held once a month in Darwin and dates are coordinated with students arriving in the region. To book or enquire about the next workshop, contact: