The focus of the Flinders University Gastroenterology and Hepatology Unit is the provision of excellence in health care in the setting of a world class academic medical centre.

As such our staff are committed to undertaking cutting edge research to advance medical knowledge that takes scientific discovery and applies it to create novel methods to treat and prevent disease in a setting that fosters clinical development and training.

The Gastroenterology Unit exemplifies a clinical research environment targeted to deliver meaningful and worthwhile changes in Health that not only benefit our patients but ensure these are scalable on a regional and national basis.

The focus on problem solving ensures our scientists provide better tools for clinical staff who in turn use these to validate the science. In this environment clinicians and academics interact in an iterative fashion to improve health outcomes.

A multidisciplinary approach encourages researchers are freed from restrictions of their training as they work alongside experts in other fields to translates science to tangible clinical outcomes.

Within this environment there are opportunities in ongoing clinical and basic research programs for students (including those seeking a Medical and Scientific Higher Degree by Research) to undertake exciting and innovative studies.

Professor Robert Fraser
Professor of Gastroenterology
Flinders School of Medicine