There are several parts of the School which provide course information and support for students.

The Course Administration Unit (CAU) on level 5 of the main School of Medicine building is the place to go for general enquiries about most courses (in particular the medical course), as well as submitting assignments.

The CAU manages enquires relating to student compliance with vaccinations and health issues as well as criminal history screening procedures for all students in the School of Medicine.

We provide administrative support for the medical course, including

  • Executive support for all committees associated with the course.
  • Preparation and provision of teaching resources (such as course booklets, timetables, and Problem Based Learning cases).
  • Allocation of teaching staff / tutors for the PBL program.
  • Coordination of MD student rotations and placements.
  • Coordination of clinical elective placements for external / visiting medical students.

Contact us

Location: Room 5E209, Level 5, Flinders Medical Centre, adjacent to the Medical Library.

Opening hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm

Phone +61-8-8204 5385

Fax +61-8-8204 5675