The Onkaparinga Clinical Education Experience (OCEP) was established in 2009 as a means of contributing to Flinders Medical School's emphasis on providing educationally significant and rewarding experiences in medicine.

The OCEP offers the opportunity for students to undertake their entire Year 3 clinical and academic curriculum in an urban community setting, principally attached to a General Practice and a community hospital and its emergency department in outer metropolitan Adelaide in South Australia. Additionally students have opportunities to attend other public and private community health care facilities, for example practicing specialists, community outreach agencies and Aboriginal Medical Services.

The clinical learning experience in the OCEP offers students the opportunity to actively participate in the continuity of care of patients, thus gaining first hand longitudinal experience of health and medical illness, its natural history, diagnosis, management, and how it affects the family, workplace and community in which an individual lives. Students also have opportunities for briefer periods of immersion in the specialties, mainly at the community hospital.

Students in the OCEP have the use of a purpose-built building with Internet enabled computer access. Through utilising distance educational technology such as Video-conferencing, E-mail, DVDs and regular Flinders staff visits, students have access to the excellent clinical experiences and medical expertise available in the outer metropolitan region at the same time as having access to the intellectual resources of the FMC and university staff. The Gus Fraenkel Medical School Library also has dedicated resources to enable prompt delivery of requested articles and assistance with literature searches etc.

The OCEP offers a unique hybrid program consisting of a longitudinal integrated clinical placement combined with brief specialty immersions, underpinned by an integrated comprehensive academic curriculum. Being based in an outer metropolitan region just south of FMC reduces the need for relocation. OCEP offers a great alternative for students unable to move to a rural town due to family and or work commitments with the benefits of a supported longitudinal clinical experience program.

For more information please view to the Onkaparinga Clinical Education Experience (OCEP) site.