Our students come from many diverse backgrounds and we value the skills and experiences they bring into our courses.


Justin Gladman

I am a descendant of the Wiradjuri people in NSW. Previous to commencing medicine at Flinders University I explored different career avenues that included management, community based research, vocational teaching and military services. Aspects that I enjoyed most in these positions focussed on health, in particular Indigenous health.

On commencing Medicine at Flinders, my wife and I and our three children moved to Adelaide from a regional centre in NSW. It was quite a challenging transition but full of excitement as we embarked into the unknown.

First year medicine has presented challenges both academically and personally, however the rewards far outweigh the challenges. The most challenging aspect was getting back into the swing of full-time study after such a long break and reemploying effective study techniques, however I soon discovered that I was not the only person in my year that was experiencing the same dilemmas.

My motivation to undertake medicine was derived from both personal and professional experience. I have always been involved in health in some capacity either project work, health related research or teaching Aboriginal Health Workers, thus medicine seemed a natural path to follow.

Flinders is a supportive environment where fellow students help each other and staff are always available to assist. If you are thinking about studying medicine at Flinders, then stop thinking about it and do it.



Jason Lam

Jason Lam is a new medical student. He has a background in dance and has been involed with the Sydney Dance Company, Opera Australia, Tasdance and has appeared in films and installations that have been in galleries, festivals and broadcast nationally and internationally. Here he shares his thoughts about the first few weeks of the course…

Its been 3 weeks since arriving in Adelaide and starting medical school at Flinders.  It is, without a doubt one of the most challenging and exciting things I have ever done.  After spending the last 10 years dancing, making films and installation art, medical school has been, and continues to be a mind-boggling experience for me. Already I have been in the wards, the endlessly fascinating anatomy museum and will be heading out to the student initiated health clinic in the next few weeks.  Quite a change from leaping around in tights and hoisting people into the air which has occupied me the last few years.

The amount of knowledge to be learnt and understood in a short period of time is truly astonishing, but for me the most amazing thing so far has been the opportunity to talk to patients. Their generosity of spirit in letting a bumbling newbie like me ask for their history in spite of their discomfort, illness and pain is humbling.  One I met the other day, who has the most magnificent spirit despite a disproportionate number of tubes and cancers invading her body and still found the time to humour and educate me.

I look forward to all the challenges and opportunities ahead, academically, professionally and personally.  There are going to be some really difficult times, and I worry how I will cope with them, but there are so many opportunities to get involved, to start making a difference and to grow as a person. I can’t wait.

But first, its my turn to provide food for my study group.