Greening the Medical Program

The NT Medical Program believe that a healthy environment is essential for a healthy population.  Our goal is to green our office culture and practices by initiating a green program to aim for a sustainable workplace. The objectives of greening our workplace is to minimize the amount of carbon dioxide we produce by taking action and reducing energy consumption, air travel and waste. 

We want to create awareness and raise conscience among people about the growing concern of climate change and encourage positive behavior. For our initiatives to be successful, we require staff commitment and achieve this by encouraging recognition of their environmental responsibilities.

"Think Globally, Act Locally" underpins our program philosophy, which is reflected in our idea of establishing a monetary fund which is dedicated to environmentally improving the energy efficiency of our workplace and benefiting the local community. 

In June 2008, a preliminary environmental audit was conducted on air travel, the company car and waste.  We aim to significantly reduce our carbon footprint by monitoring our annual emissions and through our positive sustainable actions.

Please contact Eliza Gill if you have a "Green idea" for the NT Medical Program.


If everyone in the world lived like Australians do, we would need 3.5 earths!              

Greening Initiatives 

NTMP is reducing our environmental footprint through the following initiatives: 
  • Implementing action plan: "10 steps to a greener workplace".
  • Establishing a recycling program.
  • Reducing paper usage.
  • Hosting ride to work days and encouraging staff & students to cycle to the clinical school.
  • Maximizing video conferencing facilities and usage to air travel is reduced.
  • Hosting guest speakers with expertise on the issue of health implications of a healthy planet.
  • Marketing our initiatives: Finalist in the Meleauca Awards- recognising environmental excellence.
  • Sponsoring research into environmentally responsible mechanisms for disposal of medical waste in resource poor communities.
  • Purchasing equipment that meets national standards for energy efficiency.
  • Raising student & staff awareness & encouraging recognition of environmental responsibilities resulting in behavioural changes.

Future directions

NTMP will continue to acknowledge the need to measure our environmental performance & work towards:
  • Measuring change & environmental performance.
  • Continue to educate & focus on and improve areas where we can be more energy efficient.
  • Reduce travel by encouraging even more video conferencing.
  • Contribute to greening the curriculum at Flinders University.
  • Implement initiatives at the Remote Clinical Schools.
  • Committing to a 5 star energy rating for all new buildings.

Pictured above: NTMP Greening logo, EcoPulse, designed by Dr Anna Smedts, NTMP.




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