Developing a case - overview

It is common for funding programs to allow only a short period of time to develop grant applications, which makes it very difficult to respond in time. In this section, you will be asked to consider a number of questions to assist you to prepare for applying for project funding. Although the specific information and level of detail required will vary from funding program to funding program, there are certain things that are usually desired by funders.

Unsure about how to put a project proposal together?

PEW can help you prepare the core information needed for most project grants in the area of primary health care and health promotion.

This will provide you with a ‘base submission’ that you can then adapt according to the funding criteria of various grant programs.

The purpose of this section is to help you to start to put together some of this information, and start involving others in the development of your proposal – hopefully before a deadline is looming. This will enable you to produce a draft ‘base submission’ which can be adapted and used to suit the selection criteria for most funding programs.

The content of  this section includes:

Project focus & evidence of need

Understanding & describing the context

Developing alliances

Funding sources

Further components of PEW will assist you to develop a project and evaluation plan, and also a project budget.


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