Project Budget – Overview

This section is designed to assist you to consider what the budget requirements of your project may be. It may be worthwhile to think about what parts of your project need to be funded from external sources (i.e. a project funding body) from internal sources (i.e. your organisation, or any other partners involved).

In this section, PEW offers a blank budget form, where you can insert relevant budget items and have the program calculate the totals for you. The form provides an outline of possible budget items, and there are spaces provided to enter firstly what funds you are seeking from the funder, and secondly any in-kind support or funding from your organisation or any others. The categories include salaries and wages, goods & services, such as administration (including evaluation), staff expenses, consumer expenses, and equipment. It also includes costs for evaluation, which can be for advice or assistance with data collection, data analysis, or it can be for an external evaluator. Please note that we have included a wide range of budgeting considerations, some of which may not apply to your particular project.

Not all funding programs provide funds for all of these categories we have listed, so it is well worth checking out the funding criteria of specific funding programs.

When you have completed your project budget, the next (and FINAL) step is to provide a justification of your budget.


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