Developing a project & evaluation plan

This section is designed to assist you to construct a plan for your project. To assist in the development of your Plan, PEW includes an example of a completed plan together with a blank form (DOCX 54KB) that you can print out and use to start constructing your own plan.

In the Planning Section you will be asked a series of guiding questions to find out what difference does your project want to make, and what activities will be undertaken to get this change.

In the Evaluation Section questions will be asked about what evaluation information you need to collect at different stages, and which methods would be the best way to do this.

The Budget Section is designed to assist you with putting together a budget for your project.

The plan will help you to:

  • Focus on what your project is doing and why
  • Focus on what needs to be evaluated, how & when
  • Involve others in the project planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Determine what resources are needed
  • Avoid the trap of not thinking about evaluation until the end!


Funding sources
Developing a project plan