About Poche Centres for Indigenous Health

Poche Centres for Indigenous Health are an example of the power of partnership in achieving real change and genuinely contributing to closing the gap in life expectancy. Established and funded by philanthropists Greg Poche AO and Kay Van Norton Poche, Poche Centres seek to leverage the best of the best in Universities with communities and governments to seek solutions to address complex health problems faced by Aboriginal people. The Poches have gifted more than $60m to Aboriginal health over the past seven years. The Poche model is unique. Located within universities, Poche Centres work with leading researchers, alumni, faculty and students to bring their knowledge together with communities to find sustainable, workable, affordable solutions to health issues including oral health, specialist medical, Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, allied health, social and emotional well-being, chronic disease, workforce development, racism, leadership and health promotion.

Core Poche vision is to help close the gap in life expectancy and achieve health equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the right to self-determination. We act in accordance with community values and establish respectful relationships and we work with communities and organisations to understand needs and achieve agreed goals in partnership.

   Greg and Kay Poche with Reg Richardson