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Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

The Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Flinders Medical Centre is an academic health unit committed to surgical excellence through research and education. Our unit provides specialist vascular surgical care to southern Adelaide.


Research areas

The department has a national and international reputation as experts in endovascular care which is driven through our commitment to evidence based medicine. It is because of our passion to provide world leading care to our patients that we have integrated research into all areas of our clinical care.

Our research centres around five core themes:

Emerging endovascular technologies

As early adopters of new techniques, our department works closely with industry to assess the efficacy of new treatments. We participate in international clinical trials and maintain a number of real-world data registries monitoring the outcomes of patients undergoing treatment with new and emerging technologies.


Vascular imaging technologies

Our imaging research is focused on novel and innovative uses of diagnostic imaging to improve surgical patient outcomes. Our research assists surgeons through improved identification of target vessel anatomy and treatment success.


Exercise therapy in Peripheral Arterial Disease

Exercise is known to be beneficial to the body and mind.  Our research looks to understand the effect of exercise and assess the optimal exercise type, duration and frequency for maximal effect.


Biological markers of peripheral arterial disease

Our research looks at understanding the pathogenesis of vascular disease and why treatments fail in some patients. Through genetic profiling, nutritional deficiencies and haematological assessments, we are working on minimally invasive ways to determine the best treatment modality for each individual patient.


Clinical based practice

Improving patient outcomes through evidence based improvements and review is central to our clinical based practice research. Our team is continuously reviewing our policies, protocols and practices and finding international benchmarks to compare to and learn from. Conducted by a thoroughly multi-disciplinary team, the department is committed to supporting investigator lead studies that improve outcomes, treatment and the patient journey.