Research higher degrees (RHD)

The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences recognises the major contribution that postgraduate students make to the University's academic life, research quality and research output.

Our supervisors work towards advancing your career opportunities through supporting your ambition to become a knowledgeable, flexible and independent researcher.

Through community engagement and innovative research, the Faculty aims to provide you with a diverse range of skills that will prepare you for challenging roles and a career in research leadership, management and development.

Our publication, Research Pulse , showcases the Faculty's leading research.


Go to the research degrees website for:

  • advice on choosing a supervisor;
  • application forms;
  • scholarship information; and
  • to check your eligibility .


International exchange – Cotutelle program

In this program, you are awarded a PhD from both Flinders and an overseas higher education institution at the same time.

The Cotutelle program enables candidates to strengthen their research networks while experiencing different educational environments.

More information: Flinders' Cotutelle program


Resources and policies

Essential resources
Supervisory panel

All students should have a three person supervisory panel comprising:

  • A principal supervisor.
  • Associate supervisor.
  • Second associate supervisor or an adjunct supervisor or an assessor.

Supervisors are required to be listed on the Supervisor Register.

Thesis rules

The Faculty has determined, as a guideline, the following thesis lengths:

  • PhD - maximum 100 000 words.
  • Master - maximum 50 000 words.
  • These limits exclude references and appendices.

Thesis submission

The Faculty requires confirmation that your thesis has been processed through TurnItIn prior to the submission of your thesis for examination.

Your supervisor must submit a ‘nomination of examiners form’ at least three months prior to submitting your thesis for examination in accordance with the conflict of interest guidelines.

More information: Higher degree thesis rules

School-specific information

For advice relating to a study in a particular school, please contact:


Student Support

Scholarships & funding

The Faculty is highly supportive of postgraduate students and provides a series of grants, awards and scholarships to assist with the costs of postgraduate research projects.

The University's Scholarships Office also maintains a comprehensive database of scholarships available to RHD students offered by both the University and external funding bodies.

Student wellbeing

The Office of Graduate Research provide a comprehensive range of programs and services to ensure the well-being of our students and researchers. Assistance is available to support research efforts as well as everyday living needs.

Statistical consultant

A statistical consultant is available to help staff and postgraduate students.


Forms for current candidates