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About the CNS


The Centre for Neuroscience is a group of multidisciplinary researchers and clinicians with a common goal of understanding the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves in health and disease. The CNS works by providing a forum for face-to-face interactions, on a regular basis, between researchers with an interest in neuroscience.


We are comprised of over 20 independent and specialised laboratories. Rather than directing research projects, the CNS provides a supportive environment in which good research is encouraged, the next generation of neuroscientists is educated and vigorous critical input is available from peers and colleagues.


The Centre is governed by the CNS Executive Committee which meets once a month to discuss funding opportunities, weekly seminars, strategic plans, tactical cooperations, research student encouragement and effective representation.


CNS Executives and Members also regularly participate in organising committees for national and international conferences and high-profile societies. One of the most notable is the Australasian Neuroscience Society (formerly known as the Australian Neuroscience Society or ANS). CNS members were instrumental in establishing the ANS and many have held executive positions in the society over the years (www.ans.org.au/about-us/ans-history).


The Centre has 4 categories of Membership:


Membership is attained through the completion of the CNS Membership Form. Once joined, Members receive a weekly emailed newsletter called "NeuroNews", which highlights the events and opportunities available that week. Membership forms are accepted all year round, and once received, the researcher or student gains access to weekly and yearly events, research networks, collaborative frameworks and high-profile speakers. There are also avenues for financial support, for specific research enhancing activities and student development.

Except for Life Members, all forms of Membership are "active", meaning members need to renew their membership every year. This results in a true reflection of interest and participation in the Centre and its activities. Our current membership list is available online.


Our logo was established in 1977 and is a simple representation of a neuron (a nerve cell). It was created by the original Convenor, Prof Laurie Geffen.



The original logo, created in 1977.

The logo was given some much needed colour, when the CNS website was established in 1996.

In 2007, text was added to help identify the Centre amongst an increasing array of institute logos.

In 2017, our banner has been updated to help showcase our 40th Anniversary!


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