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CNS Collaborators Day



We were excited that our Collaborators Day event, would again be apart of the impressive Research Week line-up, in September 2018.


This year's theme was The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.


This event was open to ALL, including CNS Members, Neuroscientists, Clinicians, Researchers, Academics, Students and the General Public. All were welcome!


Registration for this year's event is closed.

The CNS Collaborators Day was FREE to all who registered.

Download as a pdf.

2.00pm Welcome and introduction by Prof Rainer Haberberger.
2.05pm Prof Glenn King > Spider venoms as a source of analgesic and anti-epileptic drugs.
2.50pm Prof Briony Forbes > How cone snails and platypus venoms can help treat diabetes.
3.15pm Prof Nick Spencer > Wireless optogenetics.
3.35pm Coffee break
4.00pm Assoc Prof Bradley Turner > High throughput drug screening for Motor Neuron Disease.
4.45pm Dr Cedric Bardy > Single cell analysis of human neurons in-vitro with electrophysiology and transcriptomics.
5.10pm Dr Amy Wyatt > Can pregnancy studies teach us about age-related protein misfolding?
5.35pm Closing remarks by Prof Rainer Haberberger.
5.45pm Refreshments and networking and poster presentations.
7.00pm Close of event.

Lecture Theatre 1.01 is located on level 1 of the Health Sciences Lecture Theatre Complex (HSLTC) of the Bedford Park Campus of Flinders University.
A Flinders University campus map highlighting the location of Lecture Theatre 1.01 HSLTC can be downloaded as a pdf (9MB). Transport and parking information are available below.

A Flinders University campus map highlighting the location of Lecture Theatre 1.01 HSLTC is below and can be downloaded as a pdf (9MB).

The map highlights the two most common paths for navigating to LT1.01. They are the Main Entrance and Carpark 1, Flinders University.

> The Main Entrance of Flinders University is on Registry Road of the Bedford Park campus. Directions on how to find LT1.01 from the main entrance, can be downloaded as a pdf (691KB).

> Carpark 1 of Flinders University can be accessed via University Drive of the Bedford Park campus. Directions on how to find LT1.01 from Carpark 1, can be downloaded as a pdf (690KB).

Which of these entry points is the best option for attendees, will be determined by their method of transport:
Public Transport.
If arriving by bus then the Main Entrance is your best option. Adelaide Metro Bus Services drop-off and pick-up only a few feet away from the Main Entrance of the University.
Private Transport
> If you are being dropped off
- the Main Entrance is a convenient and regular drop-off point.
- Carpark 1 also has a few drop-off points, at the mouth of its entrance (where the ticket machines used to be). From here, LT1.01 is only a few feet away.
> If you have a Flinders "Blue" parking permit
- blue parking spaces are only available on the top tier of Carpark 1. When entering the carpark from University Drive, the road splits into 3 tiers - take the tier furtherest to your left to find the blue parking spaces. Then follow the instructions for finding LT1.01, via Carpark 1.
> If you have a Flinders "Visitor" Scratch parking permit
- 1-day visitor parking permits can be used for all of Carpark 1 (except car-pooling and motorcycle spaces). Attendees from other institutions can apply to the CNS Secretary for a 1 day visitor parking permit for this event. If using a visitor permit, please don't forget to scratch out the relevant date and place it on your dashboard so the parking inspectors can easily see it.

Some shots from the day...

CNS Collaborators Day

(Download Flier as pdf)


Thursday, 6th September 2018
2:00pm - 7:00pm
Lecture Theatre 1.01,
Health Sciences Lecture Theatre Complex (HSLTC), Flinders University (Bedford Park Campus)

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