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The CNS Executive Committee


The Centre for Neuroscience has a Convenor, an Executive of 5-7 and 1-2 Student Representatives.


Each year (early December) at the Annual General Meeting, elections are held for Members who are interested in being apart of the CNS Executive. Once Members have been elected, these elected individuals form the CNS Executive Committee. This Committee then elects a Convenor, from its ranks. The term of office for the Convenor and Executive positions is two years, while the term of the Student Representative(s) is one year. Administrative support for the centre is generously provided by the office of Anatomy & Histology, within Flinders University.


The Executive meets once a month to discuss and make decisions on seminar speakers, funding applications, student support, collaborative opportunities and members' issues and suggestions. The Convenor is responsible for governing the centre's finances, effective representation at key events, delegating key roles and the implementation of strategic plans. The Student Rep(s) is responsible for maintaining our social presence, encouraging student involvement and bringing student issues and ideas to the attention of the Executive.


If a Member would like to submit an issue or idea to the CNS Executive, they can do so anytime throughout the year and the item will be added to the agenda of the next CNS Exec Meeting. All items should be emailed to the CNS Secretary, Kiley MacDonald (cns@flinders.edu.au). The Member will be notified in writing of the outcome of the meeting, as soon as possible after the meeting's conclusion.


Current Committee Members
Prof Rainer Viktor Haberberger

Convenor, CNS Executive Committee 2012-2017

Member, CNS Executive Committee 2006-2011

Head, Pain & Pulmonary Neurobiology Laboratory


Prof Damien Keating

Member, CNS Executive Committee 2008-2017

Head, Molecular & Cellular Physiology Laboratory


Dr Mary-Louise Rogers

Member, CNS Executive Committee 2011-2018

Head, MND & Neurotrophic Research Laboratory


Assoc Prof Vladimir Zagorodnyuk

Member, CNS Executive Committee 2012-2017

Head, Urogenital Laboratory


Dr Yoichiro (YoYo) Otsuka
(Alternative spelling: Youichirou Ootsuka)

Member, CNS Executive Committee 2014-2017

Head, Integrative Neuroscience Laboratory


Assoc Prof Briony Forbes

Member, CNS Executive Committee 2015-2018

Head, Proteins in Metabolism & Cancer Laboratory


Assoc Prof Andrew Lee

Member, CNS Executive Committee 2016-2017

Director, Centre for Neuroscience Innovation, Calvary Wakefield Hospital.
Academic Status, Flinders University


Dr Shohreh Majd

Member, CNS Executive Committee 2017-2018

Head, Neuronal Injury & Repair (NIR) Laboratory


Lukah Dykes

Student Representative, CNS Executive Committee 2016-2017

Bachelor of Science Student


Rochelle Peterson

Student Representative, CNS Executive Committee 2016-2017

PhD Student, Neurogastroenterology Lab
and Musculoskeletal Neurobiology Lab


Kiley MacDonald

Secretary, CNS Executive Committee 2001-2017


Sharen Pilkington

Research Development Officer, CNS Executive Committee 2016-2017


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