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The Centre has 4 categories of Membership:

    • > Full Members: All staff of Flinders University, and staff of affiliated institutions with academic status at Flinders University, carrying out research in the neurosciences or related clinical disciplines.
    • > Associate Members: Retired staff, researchers in the neurosciences or related clinical disciplines at other institutions.
      > Student Members: Undergraduate or postgraduate students at Flinders University with an interest in the neurosciences.
      > Life Members: Awarded by the CNS to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to neuroscience research at Flinders University.


Centre membership is attained through the completion of the CNS Membership Form.


Once joined, Members receive a weekly emailed newsletter called "NeuroNews", which highlights the events and opportunities available that week. Membership forms are accepted all year round, and once received, the researcher or student gains access to weekly and yearly events, research networks, collaborative frameworks and high-profile speakers. There are also avenues for financial support, for specific research enhancing activities and student development.

Except for Life Members, all forms of Membership are "active", meaning members need to renew their membership every year. This results in a true reflection of interest and participation in the Centre and its activities. Our current membership list is below.



    • Assoc Prof Cedric Bardy, Academic Status (Flinders University) and Group Leader (SAHMRI)
      Emeritus Prof Greg Barritt
      , Emeritus Professor - Medical Biochemistry
      Dr Christine Barry, Senior Lecturer - Anatomy & Histology
      Dimitra (Dimi) Beroukas, Senior Medical Scientist - Immunology & Rheumatology
      Prof Stuart Brierley, Matthew Flinders Fellow in Gastrointestinal Neuroscience - Human Physiology
      Dr Mariana Brizuela, Research Associate - Human Physiology
      Michell Cardoso, Research Assistant - Human Physiology
      Assoc Prof Peter Catcheside, ARC Future Fellow - Medicine
      Dr Tim Chataway, Proteomics Facility Manager - Human Physiology
      Nusha Chegeni, Research Associate - Human Physiology
      Nan Chen, Research Assistant - Human Physiology
      Dr Sarah Cohen-Woods, Matthew Flinders Fellow - Psychology
      Dr Paul Constable, Senior Lecturer - Optometry & Vision Science
      Yvette DeGraaf, Cell Biology Facilities Manager - Anatomy & Histology
      Assoc Prof Phil Dinning, Senior Medical Scientist - Gastroenterology & Surgery and Human Physiology
      Natalia Djukic, Research Assistant and Assessor - Medical Biochemistry
      Dr Sebastian Doeltgen, Senior Lecturer - Speech Pathology
      Assoc Prof Briony Forbes, Associate Professor - Medical Biochemistry
      Dr Joseph Frasca, Neurologist - Neurology / Medicine
      Prof Rainer Haberberger, Professor and Head of Department - Anatomy & Histology
      Dr Tim Hibberd, Research Associate - Human Physiology
      Jin Hua, Research Assistant - Human Physiology
      Adam Humenick, Research Assistant - Human Physiology
      Dr Claire Jessup, Lecturer - Anatomy & Histology
      Adrian Kaczmarek, Research Associate - Anatomy & Histology
      Dr Porhan Kang, Director & Senior Consultant - Anaesthesia (Pain Management Unit)
      Prof Damien Keating, NHMRC Career Development Fellow (Level 2) - Human Physiology
      Melinda Kyloh, Research Assistant - Human Physiology
      Vicki Larritt, Administrative Officer - School of Medicine
      Assoc Prof Andrew Lee, Director - Centre for Neuroscience Innovation (Calvary Wakefield Hospital)
      Prof Ida Llewellyn-Smith, Professor - Medicine
      Dr Amanda Lumsden, Research Fellow - Human Physiology
      Dr Linlin Ma, Lecturer - Medical Biotechnology
      Dr Shohreh Majd, Lecturer - Paramedics
      Dr Dusan Matusica, Lecturer - Anatomy & Histology
      Vyoma Modi, Research Assistant - Human Physiology
      Jessi Moore, Research Assistant - Human Physiology
      Dr Hakan Muyderman, Senior Lecturer - Medical Biochemistry
      Sarah Nicholas, Research Assistant - Anatomy & Histology
      Dr Karin Nordstrom, Lecturer - Anatomy & Histology
      Assoc Prof John Oliver, Senior Research Fellow - Human Physiology
      Assoc Prof Taher Omari, Senior Research Fellow - Human Physiology
      Dr Yoichiro (YoYo) Otsuka, Mary Overton Neuroscience Research Fellow - Human Physiology
      Assoc Prof Janni Petersen, Lecturer - Anatomy & Histology
      Sharen Pilkington, Research Development Officer - Centre for Neuroscience
      Dr Santosh Poonnoose, Consultant Neurosurgeon - Neurosurgery
      Karen Price, Course Administrator - Human Physiology
      Dr Mary-Louise Rogers, Senior Research Fellow - Human Physiology
      Dr Darling Rojas-Canales, Hospital Scientist - Medicine
      Carlie Sawtell (nee Delaine), Research Officer - Medical Biochemistry
      Dr David Schultz, Neurologist - Neurology
      Harman Sharma, Research Assistant - Human Physiology
      Assoc Prof Mark Slee, Clinical Academic Neurologist - Medicine (Neurology)
      Dr Elke Sokoya, Senior Lecturer - Human Physiology 
      Prof Nick Spencer, Lecturer - Human Physiology 
      Dr David Stevens, Postdoc - Adelaide Institute of Sleep Health
      Lee Travis, Research Assistant - Human Physiology
      Dr Roshan Vasani, Research Associate - Human Physiology
      Pat Vilimas, Research Assistant - Anatomy & Histology 
      Dr Luke Wiklendt, Research Associate - Human Physiology
      Dr Wai-Ping Yew, Casual Research Assistant - Medical Biochemistry
      Dr Vladimir Zagorodnyuk, Senior Lecturer - Human Physiology
    • Helen Beard, Principal Research Assistant - CNS Therapeutics Group, SAHMRI
      Esther Burt, Administrative Officer - Visceral Pain Group, SAHMRI
      Dr Joel Castro Kraftchenko, Post Doc - Visceral Pain Group, SAHMRI
      Paula Davies, Assistant Director - Office of Research, Southern Area Local Health Network (SALHN)
      Dr Annemie Deiteren, Postdoctoral Researcher - Visceral Pain Group, SAHMRI
      Dr Michael Duffield, Research Associate - Victoria, Australia
      Dr Sonia Garcia Caraballo, Postdoctoral Researcher - Visceral Pain Group, SAHMRI
      Dr Zbigniew Gieroba, Consultant Geriatrician - Dept of Rehabilitation & Aged Care, Repatriation General Hospital
      Dr Luke Grundy, Post-doctoral Research Fellow - Visceral Pain Group, SAHMRI
      Assoc Prof M Anne Hamilton-Bruce, Co-Director - Stroke Research Programme, TQEH and Co-Lead - Research & Education, Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) 
      Dr Andrea Harrington, Post-doctoral Research Officer (ARC DECRA) - Visceral Pain Group, SAHMRI
      Dr Arieh Helfgott, Biomathematician
      Dr Kim Hemsley, Head of CNS Therapeutics Group - SAHMRI
      Belinda Kelly, National Communications Manager - Leukaemia Foundation
      Dr Adeline Lau, Research Officer - Lysosomal Diseases Research Unit (LDRU), SAHMRI
      Prof Jens Mikkelsen, Professor - University of Copenhagen and Chief Scientific Officer - Bionomics Ltd
      Austin G Milton, Senior Medical Scientist - Stroke Research Programme, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital 
      Dr Mazher Mohammed, Senior Research Associate - Oregon Health Science University, USA
      Tracey O'Donnell, Research Officer - Visceral Pain Group, SAHMRI
      Andrew Shoubridge, PhD Student - CNS Therapeutics, SAHMRI
      Dr Praphun Somporn, Neurosurgeon - Hatyai Hospital, Thailand
      Annabel Sorby-Adams, PhD Candidate - Translational Neuropathology Lab, University of Adelaide
      Dr Mike Ee-Hiok Teo, Retired Electron Microscopist
      Lauren Whyte, PhD Student - Lysosomal Disease Research Unit, SAHMRI
      Leanne Winner, Research Scientist - Lysosomal Diseases Research Unit (LDRU), CNS Therapeutics Group, SAHMRI
    • Mousa Alghazwi, PhD Student - Medical Biotechnology
      Anna Antipov
      , Honours Student - Human Physiology
      Chaitra Barot, Honours Student - Anatomy & Histology
      Jastrow Canlas, PhD Student - Anatomy & Histology
      Brittany Collie, Honours Student - Human Physiology
      Emily Crawley, PhD Student - Medical Biochemistry
      Julia Demura, 3rd Year Student - Bachelor of Medical Science
      Helen Dockrell, PhD Student - Surgery / Human Physiology
      Lukah Dykes, 3rd Year Student - Bachelor of Science
      Isabella Ellison, Honours Student - Adelaide Institute of Sleep Health
      Meng Evans, 4th Year Student - Doctor of Medicine
      N Eyers, 1st Year Student - Bachelor of Medical Science
      Lara Ferris, PhD Student - Human Physiology
      Alex Gheorghiu, 3rd Year Student - Bachelor of Science (Nanotechnology)
      Ashley Goodman, 2nd Year Student - Bachelor of Medical Science
      Marissa Holden, PhD Student - Anatomy & Histology
      Kalyani Huilgol, 1st Year Student - Doctor of Medicine
      Antonio Inserra, PhD Student - Psychiatry (Flinders) and Mind & Brain (SAHMRI)
      Lauren Jones, PhD Student - Human Physiology
      Liang Li, PhD Student - Medical Biochemistry
      Huezin Hwai Lim, 1st Year Student - Doctor of Medicine
      Ther Lim, 1st Year Student - Doctor of Medicine
      Alyce Martin, PhD Student - Human Physiology
      Ketki Mulay, International Exchange Program Student - Medical Biotechnology
      Shee Chee Ong, PhD Student - Medical Biochemistry
      Veronica Ong, 1st Year Student - Doctor of Medicine
      Nikki Pennifold, 1st Year Student - Doctor of Medicine
      Rochelle Peterson (nee Bowley), PhD Student - Human Physiology
      Alan Quek, PhD Student - Human Physiology
      Dilsher Randhawa, 1st Year Student - Bachelor of Medical Science
      Vanshika Sinh, Honours Student - Human Physiology
      Dr David Smolilo, PhD Student and Surgical Registrar - Human Physiology
      Daniel Suhendro, PhD Student - Centre for NanoScale Science & Technology
      Joanne Sullivan, Honours Student - Chemical & Physical Sciences
      Emily Sun, PhD Student - Human Physiology
      Robert Trott, PhD Student - Engineering (Biomedical)
      Amanda Weragoda, Honours Student - Human Physiology
      Roland White, 2nd Year Student - Doctor of Medicine
      Zachary Willson, Honours Student - Human Physiology
      Pauline Yap, 1st Year Student - Master of Science
    • Prof John Chalmers (awarded December 2001)
      Prof Laurie Geffen 
      (awarded December 2001)
      Prof Marcello Costa 
      (awarded December 2005)
      Assoc Prof Judy Morris (awarded December 2005)
      Emeritus Prof John Willoughby
       (awarded December 2005)
      Prof Simon Brookes
       (awarded December 2012)
      Emeritus Prof Ian Gibbins (awarded December 2013)
      Emeritus Prof Robert Rush (awarded December 2013)
      Emeritus Prof William (Bill) Blessing (awarded December 2013)
      Robyn Flook (awarded September 2015)
    • -
    • Prof Neil Sims (awarded December 2017)
      Kiley MacDonald (awarded December 2017)

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