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Latest News

March 2017

  • May
    Promotion for Karin

    Congratulations to Full Member, Dr Karin Nordstrom, on being promoted to Academic Level D!

  • May
    CNS 40th Anniv - Lab Showcases

    Our seminar schedule for 2017 begins on 8th March!

    We are starting our year with one of our 40th Anniversary activities - a 'CNS Lab Showcase'. CNS Lab Heads present on the latest research being conducted in their labs. The sessions will interest potential Collaborators, fellow Lab Heads and Higher Degree Research Students, but all are welcome!

    For more information see our seminars page...


February 2017


January 2017

  • May
    CNS celebrates 40 years!

    This year the Centre for Neuroscience celebrates its 40th Anniversary! From its humble beginnings in 1977, the Centre has seen, and undergone, many changes in the research and funding landscape. With a history of dedicated science and community involvement, activites during the year are planned to showcase the Centre's achievements and celebrate this rare milestone.


December 2016

  • May
    CNS Annual Report - available

    The 2015 Centre for Neuroscience Annual Report has now been approved for circulation! Please see our reports page for the link to preview or download the report. Hard copies can be requested through the CNS Secretary (cns@flinders.edu.au).


November 2016

  • May
    Image of the Month - November 2016

    Congratulations to Dr Andrea Harrington from the Visceral Pain Group on being awarded "Image of the Month" for November 2016!
    Don't forget to Like the image on our facebook page - the image at the end of the year with the most Likes will be used for the cover of our Annual Report.

  • May
    Congratulations to Karin

    Congratulations to Full Member, Dr Karin Nordstrom, on being elected by South Australian ANS Members as their State Representative for the next 2 years! Karin's term will begin in December after the ANS AGM.

  • May
    Media Appearance - Tim Chataway

    Full Member, Dr Tim Chataway, was featured in an article entitled "Researchers are nuts for new machine" in the November 2016 edition of the Southern Health News magazine! The article was about the new 'nut heating machine' created by the Biomedical Engineering Team of Flinders Medical Centre, for Dr Chataway's work on peanut allergies in children.

  • May
    Media Appearance - Karin Nordstrom

    Full Member, Dr Karin Nordstrom, was featured in an article (5 Nov) in the Adelaide Advertiser entitled "High flyer is buzzing with excitement over her vision"!




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