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Annual Reports


The Centre for Neuroscience is required by Flinders University, to compile an annual report each year on its activities. The compilation process begins once the year is finished and each official CNS Laboratory submits information on their staff, grants and publications for inclusion in the report. The report is usually available around September-October.

The Centre has reports going back to its inception in 1974. All reports from 1974-1999 are available in hard copy form only (ie. not available online or in electronic format). Reports from 2000-2012 are available electronically, on request. Our latest reports are available online and are the web addresses are noted below. Hard copies can also be forwarded on request.

For copies of our reports, or for more information on anything featured in our publications, please contact us.


Year of Report
Web address
2015 Annual Report Available online via Issuu:
2014 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report
2012-2000 Annual Reports


Available electronically on request.

1999-1974 Annual Reports


Available in hard copy on request.


Latest Report

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