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Placement with CNS Laboratories


The Centre for Neuroscience welcomes future neuroscientists. The best way to start is to do a placement with a CNS Laboratory. For you as a student, this is a great way to test if you have what it takes for a career in neuroscience.

The most common avenues for placements are:

> the Year 3 topic "MDSC3102: Professional Placement Medical Science" and
> the Faculty Summer Research Scholarships.

MDSC3102: Professional Placement Medical Science

Students spend the equivalent of 2 days a week full time, for 12 weeks, working on a project in their host research group. During this time they keep a laboratory notebook, filled with the details of their experiments and their findings.
In the final week of the topic, the students present their project findings as an oral presentation lasting 10-12 minutes and submit their laboratory notebook for assessment.

Students interested in this topic are assigned to finding themselves a supervisor in a laboratory of their choice. Students liaise with laboratory group leaders directly and ask to conduct a placement in their laboratory.
The Centre for Neuroscience laboratories offer a variety of projects for placements. Students should look through the CNS research labs to find one that is doing work in an area of interest to the student. The contact details for the Lab Heads are on each of their lab's home pages, so the student can contact the Lab Head directly (email is usually preferred for the first enquiry) and organise their placement.
Prior to contacting the Lab Heads, make sure you know the dates your placement covers, as timing can be important for some projects.
If you are having trouble finding a host laboratory, please feel free to contact us for advice.

Another option for placement study is a Summer Research Project. These are run through the Faculty and are tied to a Summer Research Scholarship.

Summer Research Projects and Scholarships

The Faculty, in collaboration with the FMC Foundation, offers Summer Research Scholarships for high achieving undergraduate students to participate in a supervised project in a supportive, real-life research environment. The strategic intent is that students who experience (and enjoy) this taste of research as undergraduates, may decide to undertake an Honours degree later.
Summer research scholarships run for 4-6 weeks full-time and are undertaken between mid December and the end of February. All working arrangements must be negotiated with your chosen supervisor.
Each scholarship is worth $250 per full-time week, funded jointly by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences and are administered by Flinders Uni Student Finance.
Selection will be based primarily on academic merit, but strategic benefit to the Faculty will also be considered. Students based in South Australia or the Northern Territory during the academic year may be given preference.

Applicants must be a current full-time student enrolled in an undergraduate degree at an Australian University and have successfully completed at least one semester of that degree, to be eligible to apply for a summer research scholarship. For more information on the eligibility criteria, please see: www.flinders.edu.au/mnhs/students/scholarships.cfm

If you are eligible to apply, then the following application process applies:
> Review the application guidelines.
> Choose ONE summer research project that interests you.
> Contact the relevant project supervisor to express your interest.
> Submit the application form via the Student Information System (existing Flinders students) or by email to askflinders@flinders.edu.au (students new to Flinders).

Why do a Placement with a CNS Lab?

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