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Student Support


Membership Forms

In order to access any of the support systems and internal funding opportunities provided by the Centre, you must be a STUDENT MEMBER. While general enquiries are welcome, no substantial assistance can be provided to non-Members, due to the Centre's obligation to manage its resources effectively for official stakeholders.

Membership is easily attained through the completion of the CNS Membership Form.

Except for Life Members, all forms of Membership are "active", meaning members need to renew their membership every year.



Scientific-Exchange Funding, $1-$2500 per annum

Limited funds are available from the CNS to promote scientific exchange visits, between Flinders-based research students and external researchers / organisations. These funds are intended to assist CNS students in one or more of the following ways:
▪ developing collaborations with new research teams,
▪ investigating new techniques and alternative practices,
▪ increasing competitiveness for future grant and employment opportunities.

Applicants need to complete the application form below and forward to the CNS Secretary. There is no closing deadline for applications, they can be submitted at any time during the year and will be considered by the sitting CNS Executive Committee at the time.



CNS Publication Prize, $1500
In a bid to encourage research publication output, the Centre annually awards a $1500 Publication Prize and a $500 Runner-Up Publication Prize. The $1500 Publication Prize is awarded to the ‘best’ paper published by a CNS Member (defined by the paper with the highest impact factor). The $500 Runner-Up Publication Prize is awarded to the ‘second best’ paper published by a CNS Member (defined by the paper with the second highest impact factor). Both the prizes have criteria relating to membership and publication times (see the above links for full details) and are awarded at the Annual General Meeting.



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