The Flinders University online events calendar system:

  • promotes and provides information about Flinders University events
  • allows people to share Flinders University events information with their family, friends and colleagues
  • allows people to add event information to their electronic calendars
  • allows people to register or events online (where registration is required)
  • allows people to register for reminders for the events they have registered for.

The system will soon offer online payments for events. Until this is available, links to other processes for event registration payments will be provided.

The published calendar provides a one-stop interface for visitors to access Flinders University event information and provides a event search function and the ability to browse and filter event information by date, category, organisational unit, audience and tags.

In addition, the events information published in the events calendar is published via rss feeds.

This allows users to subscribe to Flinders University event information updates and allows us to automatically publish event information updates:

  • in multiple locations of our website based on the relevant categories (eg publish prospective student event information updates on the Prospective Students web pages and publish School of Law event information updates on the School of Law subsite)
  • on other externally hosted Flinders University web initiatives.

This means that by publishing an event in the calendar system, we can automatically publish and promote it in multiple locations.

In addition, the Office of Communication and Engagement will use the information in the calendar to promote the events across the range of its online marketing activities.

What events does it cover?

Event information published

Online event registration

Featured events

Administration interface

Management of the system

Adding an event 

What events does it cover?

We want to include the wide range of events held by Flinders University in this calendar.

This includes events:

  • held by Flinders University organisational units (ie across all cost centres) either solely or in partnership with other organisations
  • held by Flinders University Student Association
  • sponsored by Flinders University
  • at which Flinders University has a significant presence or involvement
  • held locally (in metropolitan or regional locations), nationally and internationally
  • covering a wide range of categories – eg seminars, reunions, conferences, etc
  • catering to the range of audiences in the Flinders University community, including prospective students, current students, researchers, staff, alumni, the general public etc
  • comprising of a single session or multiple sessions
  • requiring no registration or payment*
  • requiring registration with or without payment*.

* online payments via the online events calendar system to be provided.

Internal events with a small, local audience, will not be published in the calendar.

Event information published

The online events calendar system publishes the key details relating to an event (including description, date, time, location, etc.).

It does not provide a facility to publish multiple pages of content relating to a particular event (eg conference detailed program, speaker bios etc). It also doesn’t provide a facility to publish content for post-event follow up.

It does, however, provide the facility to publish up to 2 website links and up to 2 pdf documents relating to an event for further information.

If an event has online registration associated with it, the event organiser will also have access to registrant information in the system for post-event follow up.

Online events registration

When registration is required to attend an event, the online events calendar system provides online event registration.

In order to cater for the wide range of Flinders University events, the registration form can be built to suit the specific registration requirements of the event.

Registrants will receive online and email confirmation of their registration for the event.

Online payments via the system will also be available soon.

Featured events

On the events calendar homepage, up to 3 events can be published as ‘Featured events’.

These are assigned by the Office of Communication and Engagement.

The criteria for selecting these include:

  • the event is University-wide and/or of strategic importance
  • the event features a prominent speaker
  • the event is locally, nationally and internationally recognised
  • the event has the potential to attract media interest.

Administration interface

The online events calendar system has an administration interface.

Through this interface Flinders University staff with access to the system can:

  • add and publish events to the calendar
  • build online event registration forms (where applicable)
  • set up online payment requirements for an event (where applicable and when online payments via the system become available)
  • track registrations and export registration data.

The system also:

  • provides warning messages when events being added clash with other events in the system or other important dates (eg public holidays, academic dates)
  • allows organisers to indicate potential media interest and automatically email with details
  • provides the ability to manage some forms of invitation-only events.

Management of the online events calendar system

The system is managed (administered) by the Office of Communication and Engagement.

As Administrator of the system the Office of Communication and Engagement:

  • assigns feature events
  • has access to all events, actions and reports
  • can add/edit/delete global features (inc event categories, audience groups, organisational units; global messages; registration form fields)
  • manages users of the system.

The following levels of access will be rolled out in the near future to cost centres:

  • Publisher
  • Editor

This will allow cost centres to directly manage their event information in the calendar. The appropriate allocation of these roles is under discussion with the Faculties and will also be raised with other areas of the University.

RSVP roles will be allocated for events taking online registrations.

Adding an event to the calendar

Publisher and Editor roles will be rolled out to cost centres. In the meantime, the Office of Communication and Engagement will be publishing the events information.

To have an event added to the calendar please complete the online submission form.