This guide provides information about Flinders University staff and postgraduate students who are available to be interviewed by the media. For ease of use, names, contact details and areas of expertise are listed under general subject headings, with many individuals included under several headings.

Direct telephone numbers are listed, as well as numbers for leaving messages if there is no answer (staff are often in lecture theatres, laboratories or the library). Because of the public nature of the Internet, home phone numbers have not been included, although they are listed in the printed version of the directory which is distributed directly to media outlets.

If uncertain about whom to contact please call the Marketing and Communications Office on (08) 8201 3707 or email:

When commenting on matters relevant to their position staff members may use their title and Flinder University's address to establish their credentials, but the views expressed are not necessarily those of Flinders University. All staff may comment on any subject as private citizens.

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