1. Professional Experience Placement (PEP) Support Form

The School requires evidence that you have support to undertake your Professional Experience Placement (PEP). This may be from your existing place of employment (as a work-integrated learning placement) or from a host venue that you have sourced. You are required to submit a PEP Support form to either the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences when applying through SATAC Gradstart or to the PEP Unit if you have already been admitted to the course.  Submission details are on the form.

Specialisation Forms:

For the Aged Care, Child & Family Health and Mental Health specialisations, there are different forms for SA residents and INTERSTATE (non-SA) residents - please complete the correct form:


If any details of your placement change or you wish to notify the PEP Unit of any new details please use the form below:

Ensure that the Professional Experience Placement (PEP) Support form relevant to your specialisation is lodged with your application or as soon as possible following your admission. When submitted, the PEP Unit checks the status of the affiliation agreement with your venue and will advise you if you must suspend your placement until an affiliation agreement or schedule is in place.

What is an Affiliation Agreement?

An affiliation agreement is an agreement between your venue and Flinders University which sets out the expectations each party is required to meet when a student undertakes a placement at that venue. You cannot undertake your placement until an agreement is in place.

Please note:

  1. It may take some months to finalise the arrangements for your placement, particularly if you are an interstate student.
  2. Professional Experience Placement (PEP) Support forms are not to be submitted more than 12 months in advance.

It is recommended that you keep a copy of all submitted forms for your records.

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2. Pre-placement Requirements

All postgraduate students who undertake a topic that includes a PEP component must complete certain compulsory requirements prior to attending PEP. This will ensure that the School has the appropriate agreements in place with your host organisation(s) in time for the commencement of your placement.

If you are undertaking placement at your usual place of employment you are required to provide either:

  • evidence of the full set of the School's pre-placement requirements (as listed below); or
  • an official letter from your employer confirming that you meet the venues standards for the duration of your placement; or
  • some combination of the above (e.g. National Police Clearance and official letter regarding your immunisation status).

If you are undertaking a supernumerary or PEP Unit allocated placement you must complete all of the below requirements.

The pre-placement requirements are as follows:

If you are completing a placement outside of South Australia check for any additional State-specific requirements.

Once you have obtained all of your pre-placement documentation postgraduate students must provide their pre-placement documents either by attending the School Office or emailing copies to clinical.placements@flinders.edu.au.

You are also required to keep completed pre-placement documents in a portfolio which is ready for presentation at every placement venue you attend.

It is then the responsibility of the student to keep their documents up-to-date and renew any documents as required throughout their degree.

A pre-placement checklist, on which you can check that you have completed the required pre-placement documentation, is available here: 2017 Postgraduate Pre-placement Checklist (PDF 112KB)

National Criminal and Relevant History Screening

All students are required to complete a current criminal history record screening(s) before a placement can be allocated. This includes postgraduate students completing a placement in their workplace.

You will not be placed without the appropriate screening(s) that cover the entire period of placement.

You are responsible for the cost of obtaining the screening(s).

No special consideration will be given and no exemptions apply if you fail to obtain assessments by the nominated placement deadlines.

If you have any questions about obtaining the correct documentation, contact the PEP Unit.

For detailed information on document requirements, select from:

A. My placement will be in South Australia:

SA Health requires all students undertaking a placement in South Australia to hold current Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) screening checks for:

  • Aged Care sector employment
  • Child-related employment
  • Vulnerable person related employment

The School has just been advised by DCSI that:

  • Aged Care, Child-related and Vulnerable Person clearances are valid for three years from the date of issue and are 'portable'.
  • DCSI will no longer issue replacements of lost or misplaced certificates within the validity period.

If you do not have DCSI clearances:

You will need to apply for Aged Care, Child-related and Vulnerable Person employment. Please see the section below How to apply.

If you already have DCSI clearances:

Please provide copies of your existing Aged Care, Child-related and Vulnerable Person clearances to the PEP Unit.

Your clearances must be valid for the entire period of your placement; if they expire before the end of your placement period you will need to re-apply.

As it is no longer possible to obtain copies from DCSI within the validity period, it it essential that you keep your documents in a secure place. If the PEP Unit has received email confirmation of your clearances from DCSI, it may be possiblle to retrieve PDF copies of your clearances. However, this may not be possible for all students.

How to apply

DCSI has advised that paper application forms will no longer be accepted from 1st December 2016. All screening applications should now be submitted online.

Flinders University has registered with the Screening Unit to use the online system and will initiate your application once you have enrolled. DCSI will send you an email with instructions on how to complete your online application.

If you need to renew your clearances please email the PEP Unit with your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Date of Birth.

More information can be found on the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion website.

B. My placement will be outside of South Australia:

All postgraduate students completing a placement outside of South Australia are required to submit:

  • an original or certified copy of the National Police Check, plus
  • evidence of other screening checks relevant to your State or Territory (eg. Northern Territory Ochre Card)

Obtaining a police clearance may take some time - apply as early as possible for your documentation.

National Police Clearances are valid for the full three year period so long as this meets your venue's requirements. Your clearance must be current for the entire period of your placement.

You are responsible for the cost of obtaining the screenings/police check.

Documents must be received by the PEP Unit before a placement can be allocated or commenced.

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Deed Poll

Students will have access to a range of confidential information whilst attending a placement and need to be familiar and understand the relevant requirements of maintaining confidentiality, and also of their responsibilities when on placement. By signing the Deed you acknowledge that you understand your obligations and agree to comply with them.

You are required to read and sign the  Flinders University Deed Poll (PDF 372KB) before attending any Government or Non-government placement.

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For your protection, as well as that of other's whom you come into contact with on your professional experience placements, it is essential that your immunisation history is complete and up-to-date prior to attending your placements.

Students are responsible for reading and understanding the Health Advisory Booklet for Health Professional Students (PDF 431KB) .

Without full immunisation, there would be little or no opportunity to attend placement.

Students undertaking a placement as part of their studies in Nursing, Midwifery or any of the Health Sciences courses are required to complete the Infection and Immunisation Declaration FORM A (PDF 166KB) .

A. Immunisation for students completing a placement within South Australia

If you are a student attending a placement within South Australia you are required to have completed the immunisations and have evidence completed by your doctor as set out in the Medical Practitioner Statement FORM B (PDF 226KB) .

The University Health and Counselling Service provides bulk-billed immunisation service (except for Mantoux and TB). You need to make an appointment to access this service. Alternatively you can attend your own medical practitioner. You need to print FORM B (PDF 226KB)  and take it with you to your appointment.

Please note: If you choose to visit the University Health and Counselling Service, although the consultation will be bulk-billed either through Medicare or your overseas travel insurance, all vaccinations will incur a cost.

Keep your Infection and Immunisation Declaration and your completed FORM B, i.e., your immunisation record, with your PEP papers to present at your venue orientation session.

B. Immunisation for students completing a placement outside of South Australia

If you are completing a placement outside of South Australia you must comply with the relevant State or Territory and/or venue Immunisation requirements.

You must be familiar with the School's Immunisation Protocol (PDF 26KB)

C. Student Health Care Worker Refusal of Recommended Vaccinations or Screening Tests

If you refuse to be screened or vaccinated, or cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, you must complete the Flinders University Student Immunisation Refusal Form, which can be found on page 2 of the Flinders University Student’s Refusal of Recommended Vaccinations and/or Screening Tests Procedure and Process (PDF 110KB) . Please be aware that you may be refused a professional experience placement on this basis and it may impact your ability to complete the course.

D. Tuberculosis Screening - for students completing a placement within South Australia

Before your first placement, students must complete the online SA Tuberculosis Service screening questionnaire. Depending on your assessment additional testing may be required.

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SA Health Online Orientation Package (South Australian placements only)

If your placement is occurring within SA you are required to complete the 'South Australian Nursing and Midwifery Student Clinical Placement Information Guide', developed by SA Health, prior to attending PEP each semester.

The orientation package is a Microsoft Word document that you can download from the Nursing SA website. Print and complete Attachment 1.

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Pre-Place Online Orientation

Prior to your first professional experience placement you will need to complete the University's Pre-Place Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Preparation program on Flinders Learning Online (FLO). This will provide you with information and activities to assist workplace learning. The 'User Report' (accessed via 'Grades') is required as evidence of completion.

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Fitness for Practice

You are required to read and understand the Inherent Course Requirements for the Bachelor of Nursing and the Bachelor of Midwifery . These requirements also apply to postgraduate courses.

The Fitness for Practice form below is only completed if you have an existing illness or disability, or you develop such an illness or disability during PEP. If this is the case, you will need to get a medical practitioner to complete a Fitness for Practice form which is to be submitted to the Topic Coordinator as soon as possible (for existing conditions, at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester).

If your illness or disability occurs during a placement, you cannot return to placement until cleared by a medical practitioner.

For more information please see the Fitness for Clinical Practice Protocol (PDF 26KB)

Fitness for Clinical Practice Form (PDF 102KB)

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