1. Professional Experience Placement (PEP) Support Form

The School requires evidence that you have support to undertake your Professional Experience Placement (PEP). This may be from your existing place of employment (as a work-integrated learning placement) or from a host venue that you have sourced.

You are required to submit a PEP Support form by either emailing Student Recruitment at askflinders@flinders.edu.au or by uploading it to your SATAC application. If you have already been admitted to the course you are required to submit the form to the PEP Unit. Submission details are on the form.

Specialisation Forms:

For the Aged Care, Child & Family Health and Mental Health specialisations, there are different forms for SA residents and INTERSTATE (non-SA) residents - please complete the correct form:


If any details of your placement change or you wish to notify the PEP Unit of any new details please use the form below:

Ensure that the Professional Experience Placement (PEP) Support form relevant to your specialisation is lodged with your application or as soon as possible following your admission. When submitted, the PEP Unit checks the status of the affiliation agreement with your venue and will advise you if you must suspend your placement until an affiliation agreement or schedule is in place.

What is an Affiliation Agreement?

An affiliation agreement is an agreement between your venue and Flinders University which sets out the expectations each party is required to meet when a student undertakes a placement at that venue. You cannot undertake your placement until an agreement is in place.

Please note:

  1. It may take some months to finalise the arrangements for your placement, particularly if you are an interstate student.
  2. Professional Experience Placement (PEP) Support forms are not to be submitted more than 12 months in advance.

It is recommended that you keep a copy of all submitted forms for your records.

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2. Pre-placement Requirements

For Pre-placement Requirements please refer to the requirements for Undergraduate Nursing.

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