Nursing at Flinders

Nursing programs at Flinders prepare you to:

  • Function in a variety of clinical settings and roles.
  • Have well-developed clinical reasoning skills.
  • Understand that professional practice demands lifelong learning.

Study the Bachelor of Nursing (Preregistration) and after graduating you will be eligible for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

In addition to our program for first-time students, we offer a number of pathways for people from a range of different educational backgrounds.

Our student-friendly, accessible and inclusive environment is an excellent place to study nursing and receive the preparation you need to enter these important professions.

Inherent Course Requirements

The Inherent Course Requirements statement is designed to help prospective students make informed decisions about whether they will be in a position to complete the requirements of the Bachelor of Nursing and/or the Bachelor of Midwifery.  Prospective students who intend to enrol in this course should carefully check the requirements listed in the document below to determine whether they are able to meet them.

Inherent Course Requirements for the Bachelor of Nursing and the Bachelor of Midwifery (PDF 89KB)

Undergraduate study options

All Bachelor of Nursing courses are only offered internally on campus.

AwardAvailable toDescriptionFull/part time study plans

Bachelor of Nursing

- Sturt campus

- Riverland campus

Domestic and international students

For first-time students

- BNGU FT study plan (PDF 97KB)

- BNGU PT study plan (PDF 150KB)

- BNGU_S1_Yr1_Bundle (PDF 89KB)

- BNGU_S2_Yr1_Bundle (PDF 180KB)

- BNGU_S1_Yr2_Bundle (PDF 127KB)

- BNGU_S2_Yr2_Bundle (PDF 104KB)

- BNGU_S1_Yr3_Bundle (PDF 157KB)

- BNGU_S2_Yr3_Bundle (PDF 127KB)

For existing enrolled nurses

- BNGU EN FT study plan (PDF 144KB)

- BNGU EN PT study plan (PDF 145KB)

- BNGUC_S1_Yr1_Bundle (PDF 90KB)

- BNGUC_S2_Yr1_Bundle (PDF 114KB)

- BNGUC_S1_Yr2_Bundle (PDF 157KB)

- BNGUC_S2_Yr2_Bundle (PDF 127KB)

Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry) Domestic and international students For students who hold a degree other than nursing (incl. midwifery and paramedic sciences)

- BNGG FT study plan (PDF 37KB)

- BNGG PT study plan (PDF 144KB)

- BNGG_S1_Yr1_Bundle (PDF 90KB)

- BNGG_S2_Yr1_Bundle (PDF 114KB)

- BNGG_S1_Yr2_Bundle (PDF 157KB)

- BNGG_S2_Yr2_Bundle (PDF 127KB)

Bachelor of Nursing (Post-registration) Domestic and international students For students who hold current registration as a nurse in Australia or overseas

- BNG FT study plan (PDF 33KB)

- BNG PT study plan (PDF 34KB)

- BNG S1 & S2 Bundle (PDF 98KB)

Bachelor of Nursing
Domestic students For students whose period of non-registration prevents re-registration

- BNGP FT study plan (PDF 38KB)

- BNGP PT study plan (PDF 38KB)

- BNGP_S1_Yr1_Bundle (PDF 90KB)

- BNGP_S2_Yr1_Bundle (PDF 114KB)

- BNGP_S1_Yr2_Bundle (PDF 157KB)

- BNGP_S2_Yr2_Bundle (PDF 127KB)


Combined degree option - Health Sciences and Nursing

AwardStreamStudy planNotes
Bachelor of Health Sciences/Bachelor of Nursing Disability and Community Rehabilitation Disability and community rehab study plan (PDF 41KB)
Health Management Health Management study plan (PDF 40KB)
Health Education/Health Promotion    Health education/promotion study plan (PDF 42KB)


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As a professional nurse or midwife you can take your career in many directions, from hospital intensive care to community based nursing, working across varied employment sectors including the defence forces. There are opportunities to gain practical experience at a range of hospitals and clinics across the state during the professional experience placement topics.


The Flinders nursing and midwifery courses are internationally recognised for the level of hands-on experience they entail. The high quality Professional Experience Placement program will help you develop and retain the knowledge and skills essential for your nursing or midwifery career.


Flinders offers state-of-the-art clinical skills laboratories which include simulation equipment in a high-fidelity simulation suite. Our courses are focused on preparing you for the rapidly changing community demands and technological advances in health care.

Thought leader

We were the first university-based nursing school in South Australia. Our staff continue to be recognised as thought leaders – in the Australian Research Council’s most recent Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) rankings, our research program was rated at world standard.