Welcome to Oasis

A faith friendly home away from home

Oasis offers hospitality, promotes well-being and fosters inclusive spirituality - inspiring a culture of care at Flinders University and in the wider community.

Oasis does this by providing a safe, inclusive drop-in centre, facilitated by a team of volunteers who enable interpersonal, intercultural and interfaith respect and understanding.

In this friendly, informal environment, students can meet, make connections, find friendship and support and create initiatives that advance the Oasis ethos.

Oasis also supports initiatives by staff, hosting inter-disciplinary, inter-cultural, and inter-religious endeavour in keeping with the Oasis ethos.

Oasis offers its experiences of innovation and transformation to the wider local, national and international community.


Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 4.00pm (including semester breaks).
Closed on public holidays.

Contact us

Phone: (08) 8201 3530
Email: oasis@flinders.edu.au


End of year report 2013 English conversation

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  •   There are exciting times ahead in Oasis, with our $1m renovation due to start in early November. A new Oasis will be ready for students in Semester 1, 2016. View the plans here Oasis plans 2015
  •    To celebrate the beginning of the Oasis renovation we will be hosting an Oasis Celebration of New Beginnings, Wednesday 21 October, in the Oasis Common room, from 5pm. Expect to hear from the architects about the unique facility that will be created, and from a sample of students who use Oasis – Nepalese students who […]
  •   The Oasis website has been renovated to provide a more comprehensive resource of information about what Oasis offers students, staff and the community. www.flinders.edu.au/oasis  
  •  Oasis acts as an unobtrusive host and catalyst for well being in the university. As well as providing informal support for students it also forms mutually supportive collaborations with academic staff and other support services. Some of these are: International Student Services – social events, weekly English Conversation for Spouses of Students and ‘Jembatan’ (Bridge-building), […]
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