If you are submitting a tender or coordinating projects funded by outside bodies you may be asked for certain information regarding OHS at the University. You may find the answer below:

  • Provide a copy of the University's Worker's Compensation Insurance Certificate

    The University is a Self Insured Employer under WorkCover which means that we cover all our workers compensation costs and as such have provided an actuarial report to WorkCover ensuring that we are fully indemnified. WorkCover does not issue a certificate but they carry out regular audits to ensure that the University is meeting the required Performance Standards to enable continued self insurance.

  • Provide details that demonstrate your organisation is aware of their responsibilities and obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012.

This information can been found at clause 2 (Legislative Framework) in the Work Health and Safety  Policy , visit the OHS website for more OHS information, including the role of the OHS Unit at Flinders. 

  • Provide details on the Occupational Health Safety and Welfare strategies that your organisation will implement and/or adhere to, as part of their responsibilities and obligations regarding this tender/application etc.

OHS Policies