Current students

Yunggorendi Student Engagement (YSE) provides a range of services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students studying at

  • Yunggorendi Student Hub

A student portal, Yunggorendi Student Hub, has been set up in FLO and is updated weekly with information and services to support you through the course of your degree.  Automatic access is granted on enrolment.

  • Individual support

Indigenous student support officers (ISSOs) work directly with students and provide individual support throughout the student  life cycle on a range of matters, from pre-enrolment advice through to post-graduate studies and can assist with pathways to further study or employment. 

  • Academic skill development and advocacy

A Study Skills Adviser is available three days a week to provide students with academic numeracy and literacy support.  Students are encouraged to make an appointment.

  • Culturally safe space

Yunggorendi Mande provides a culturally safe space for students where you can relax, have a cup of coffee, watch TV, catch up with staff and fellow students, or access the computer lab and printer/photocopying facilities.  The kitchen is fully stocked and a warm and welcoming place in winter. 

  • Yunggorendi tutorial program (YTP)

YTP provides free tutoring for Indigenous students enrolled in degree programs at Flinders.  YTP connects students to a tutor with expertise in the subject area and supports students to develop their understanding and critical engagement in the curriculum.

  • Scholarships and cadetships

The ISSOs can link you to various scholarships, cadetships and internships to support you financially throughout the course of your degree.



Student Testimonials

I knew I wanted to come to university when I was in high school, but I wasn't sure if I would be able to achieve it.  When I found out abut the pathways available through Yunggorendi I finally decided to apply to Flinders University.  I have always had a passion for electronics, design and understanding how things work, so a career in Engineering was an obvious choice for me.  It has allowed me to increase my knowledge and skills in these areas.  It has also helped me improve my self-confidence.

Kieran Carter, Bachelor of Engineering

The staff at Yunggorendi and Flinders helped me into my course and guided me through knowing I could do it.  Don't ever be afraid to ask for help!  Don't leave it too late, but know you can do it any any time.  My advice to Indigenous students at uni is:  access Yunggorendi and use their services!  it would be so much harder if i didn't have them.

Nicole Orr, Bachelor of Arts (Drama, Screen and Media),

Master of Teaching