What is ITAS

ITAS is a Commonwealth scheme that provides funding to enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander higher education students to access tutorial support to assist them in their program of study.

How does it work?

Students are eligible to receive up to 28 hours per topic per semester and up to an additional 5 hour allocation for exam preparation or if the student has a disability action plan.

The amount and frequency of tuition provided is based on the educational needs of the student.

Tuition is available on an individual and/or group basis.


Student registration

If you are a current Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student studying at Flinders and you wish to apply for ITAS you will need to:

1.  Complete the ITAS Student application form (DOC 252KB)

2.  Read the ITAS Student Roles and Responsibilities (DOC 210KB)

3.  Make an appointment to undertake an educational assessment with an academic adviser.  You can do this by making an appointment through reception or by contacting an academic adviser directly

4.  Once this is complete and tutoring approved meet with the ITAS Coordinator, Shane Carr, to discuss available and suitably qualified tutors.

5.  Meet with the tutor to work out if they can meet your needs.

6.  If they can, let the ITAS Coordinator know, so the paperwork can be completed.  If not, speak with Shane again to see who else might be available.

7.  Once approval has been given formally you can start your tutoring sessions.



Tutor registration

To register as an ITAS tutor you will need to:

  1. Read the ITAS Tutor registration process (DOC 206KB)
  2. Complete the ITAS Tutor registration form (DOC 240KB) and submit in person to the ITAS Coordinator, Shane Carr.

Your details will then be recorded on the ITAS Tutor Database and be made available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Registering as a tutor does not guarantee employee however, if you are offered employment you will need to:

3.  Complete the ITAS Tutor HR form (DOCX 93KB) and lodge with Shane who will undertake an in induction process and send your form to HR.

4.  Tutoring can commence once you receive formal written notification from Shane.


Tutor forms