Future Students

Why choose Flinders

Since 1970 Flinders has graduated over 330 Indigenous students.

Embedded in the University's core values is an unwavering commitment to cultural inclusivity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples designed to ensure that your time here is a positive experience, leads to successful outcomes and occurs in a culturally save environment.

Yunggorendi Student Engagement, Office of Indigenous Strategy and Engagement, plays vital role in realising this commitment through its vision of ensuring that Flinders is the university of choice for Indigenous Australians.

We seek positive transformation of Indigenous social, political and economic life and well-being through supporting the higher education aspirations of Indigenous peoples.


What we provide

Yunggorendi Student Engagement staff work individually with Indigenous students providing services from admission through to graduation and beyond. This includes:

  • advice on what degree program to study

  • support through the admission/university entry process

  • Orientation program for first year students

  • academic support and advocacy through the duration of your degree

  • pastoral care

  • scholarship assistance

  • cultural safe study space and common room including access to computers, photocopiers and scanning services

  • social activities.


Our philosophy is to work with Indigenous students to empower each student to take responsibility for their own educational journey.

We work from a strengths based perspective that acknowledges that all students can be successful when provided with a supportive environment.

Student Testimonials

I knew I wanted to come to university when I was in high school, but I wasn't sure if I would be able to achieve it.  When I found out abut the pathways available through Yunggorendi I finally decided to apply to Flinders University.  I have always had a passion for electronics, design and understanding how things work, so a career in Engineering was an obvious choice for me.  It has allowed me to increase my knowledge and skills in these areas.  It has also helped me improve my self-confidence.

Kieran Carter, Bachelor of Engineering

I knew I wanted to come to university at a young age.  One defining moment, I was about 11, was applauding my mum when she graduated.  I chose to study a combined degree because I felt that Indigenous people are heavily disadvantaged in both of these areas and I was very interested in how I could effect change in the community..... Don't underestimate yourself: you will be surprised at your ability. Get involved.

Ashum Owen, Bachelor of Law and Legal Practice
Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences (Psychology)