Both Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Education are areas of specialisation with general relevance to those whose interest and future career path involve understanding Indigenous Australian cultures, histories and knowledges.  Both areas are increasingly attractive to students who wish to be involved in Indigenous schooling, education and Indigenous affairs.


Enrol in a topic or in the Indigenous Studies minor sequence in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) that is relevant, interesting and challenging.  These topics allow you to study Indigenous Australia, its cultures, peoples and land through an interdisciplinary approach.


The topics that form Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Education programs at Flinders are taught by Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff from the Office of Indigenous Strategy and Engagement.  The office has a collaborative partnership with other Flinders faculties, departments and schools.

Topic information


AUST1301 is a one week intensive topic, which introduces Indigenous students to the diversity of issues affecting Indigenous Australians in higher education. In particular, students will identify, discuss and critically analyse historical and contemporary issues in Indigenous Australian studies. Students will be encouraged to relate the topic material to the importance of reaffirming Indigeneity and thus further develop their political consciousness through critical readings, literacy and language skills. Furthermore, this topic will enable students to improve their academic writing skills in preparation for university studies.

This topic introduces students to a study of First Nations societies of Australia.  The topic will integrate academic study of Australian history and the implications that result from such history, Indigenous histories, cultures and contemporary dilemmas will be a focus, including opportunities to discuss issues with First Nations Australians.

This topic introduces students to the close study of Reconciliation in Australia and abroad, and proposes that any process of reconciliation should be underpinned by an understanding of Indigenous knowledges.  The topic is designed to allow students to read, view and experience a range of texts which deal with encounters between and within Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

This topic examines the historical context of Indigenous Australian education in order to understand contemporary educational experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, families and communities. Teachers who understand Indigenous perspectives on Australian history, the construction of ‘Race’ as an oppressive lens and education as a system of power that underpins Australian society are more equipped to meet all students’ educational needs.


This topic introduces students to the major issues in contemporary Indigenous Australian education, to enable students to effectively teach Indigenous Australian children in both urban and remote contexts. The topic considers the historical contexts of race and examines education policy and practice that have determined the educational experience for Indigenous peoples. Challenges to these contexts are explored so as to critically engage students to reflect on individual and institutional practices so as to transform education to a site of justice and equity for Indigenous Australians.

Indigenous Research Methodologies provides the opportunity for students to understand Indigenous research methodologies and to think critically and ethically about their practices when researching with Indigenous peoples and communities both in Australia and internationally. Through an Indigenous theoretical framework students are introduced to a broad range of protocols for Indigenous engagement and Indigenous ways of researching.


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