Unbound Act 2

Bound and Unbound: Sovereign Acts –  Act II

Artists: Ali Gumillya Baker (and curator), Simone Ulalka Tur, Faye Rosas Blanch, Natalie Harkin

Performance 1: 8 October 2015, 7.30pm Meeting at Art Gallary of SA, Fish Gates

Performance 2: 14 October 2015, 7.30pm Meeting at State Library of SA, Forecourt




Bound and Unbound: Act 2 will build on the successful experimental Act 1 exhibition at Fontanelle Gallery 24 August- 21 September 2014 extending the ideas and their expression. The performative aspects of Act 1 contributed to engaging Aboriginal community members who have historically been excluded from non-Indigenous run cultural spaces. When Aboriginal people’s voices are heard and listened to, this compels an engagement with the broader Aboriginal community. In Adelaide spaces of representation are often bound, and through performative acts such as song, we can be unbound.

Act 2 is a project in three stages.  Two performances and accompanying images and installation narrative on 10 bus shelters in shelters in the city and Adelaide suburbs to coincide with TARNANTHI Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Visual Art Festival in October 2015, to be performed in the outdoor space between the Flinders City Gallery and State Library Institute Building on North Terrace. 

Act 2 speaks back to colonial institutions of power as dominant repositories of culture/knowledge.  These institutions on North Terrace contain many founding documents and historic journals, letters, images and diaries of non-Indigenous explorers and colonists, as well as their depictions of Aboriginal people. Within these collections are representations of the artist’s families and communities. Unbound Act 2 will perform, project and respond to these imposed colonial spaces. We will retell the rarely told histories of these spaces from Indigenous embodied perspectives. 


Main North Road, Prospect
Main North Road, Prospect