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Project aims and rationale

Currently induction programs for training and development of academic staff new to teaching in higher education are diverse in content, duration and process. They are also variable in quality and have no systematic sector-wide approach to their development, or the development of the staff who design and teach in them (Dearn, Ryan and Fraser, 2004).

The project aims to devise a framework for teacher induction programs that will benefit the sector by promoting a set of shared expectations and understandings about the nature of university learning and teaching, and locating induction programs in that wider context. The intended objectives of the project are:

  1. To develop a framework that will promote sector-wide sharing of a set of understandings about the nature and role of induction programs within university learning and teaching contexts.
  2. To generate evidence-based information from which to underpin and inform such a framework, in a way that recognises and takes account of disciplinary differences of language, expectations, learning environments, learning requirements and pedagogy.
  3. To produce a credible, evidence-based resource suite of successful practices, models and resources for foundations programs, that can be disseminated sector wide.
  4. To identify areas in which further development is needed to support, change and enhance existing practices within foundations programs.
  5. To strengthen and contribute to the ongoing scholarship of higher education teaching and learning development, through the implementation of objectives 1-4 above.

Under such a framework, when an academic is recruited from another university there will be some common understanding of core learning and teaching principles. This is not to impose homogeneity amongst induction programs, but rather, to encourage collaboratively developed perspectives.

During Stage 1 of the project a mapping exercise was undertaken to determine what induction programs are offered by Australian institutions.

The literature review for Stage 1 of the Australian Learning & Teaching Council’s Project, Preparing University Teachers: A Model for National Collaboration identifies and analyses literature which recognises and considers ‘good practice’ methods in preparing new academic staff for their teaching role. The literature review is extensive it is not exhaustive. It recommended that further research is conducted in relation to the research questions raised for Stage 1 of the Preparing University Teachers: A Model for National Collaboration project so that the project’s aim to “improve the student learning experience through improvement in the preparation of university teachers” may be achieved.

Submitted proposals

View the original Proposal accepted by the Carrick Institute or you can view the updated proposal, submitted at the end of Stage One.

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