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Project structure

This project proposes a model of national collaboration using a distributed leadership approach to project design and implementation. The distributed leadership approach has been selected for its capacity to draw on varieties of expertise across a range of contexts, to cultivate and coordinate key relationships across a number of institutions, and to facilitate outcomes that are representative of the sector as a whole. In order to identify, examine and promote those features that support effective outcomes.

Project sub-groups

5 sub-groups were established at the end of Phase One to respond to the questions that had been identified as part of the project proposal. The participants within these projects are drawn from across the institutions who have become project partners.

The questions these sub-groups were established to respond to are:

  1. What are the different approaches to the preparation of academics as they commence their teaching practice in Australian and international higher education?
  2. How can the impact of these programs be evaluated?
  3. What are the conditions and models that best produce the desired impacts on student learning, teaching-learning scholarship, teaching as leadership and institutional practice?
  4. What are the best processes to support the dissemination of materials and practices across the sector and ensure the uptake and embedding of effective practice?
  5. What are the resources and ongoing professional development requirements of those who teach in these programs?
  6. What induction processes best meet the teaching needs of academics at the time of appointment?
  7. What should be included in national benchmarks for quality induction of academics to teaching and learning in Australian higher education?

Each sub-group involves staff from across a range of institutions to support the model of national collaboration and distributed leadership. The sub-groups are:

  • Benchmarking – led by Marina Harvey: Lecturer, Academic Development, Learning & Teaching, Macquarie University
  • Impact – led by Leone Hinton: Director, Strategy, Quality and Review, Division of Strategy, Quality and Review, Central Queensland University
  • Models – led by Natalie Brown: Senior Lecturer, Learning & Teaching, Centre for the Advancement of Learning & Teaching, University of Tasmania
  • Professional development – led by Yoni Ryan: Director of the Learning & Teaching Centre, Australian Catholic University
  • Resources – led by Alison Bunker: Academic Development Advisor
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