Assoc Prof Alan Branford

Associate Professor Alan Branford
Position/s:Director of Studies in Mathematics and Statistics
School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics
Phone: +61 8 82012036
Location: Information, Science & Technology (349)
Postal address: GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia


Doctor of Philosophy (1983), Statistical Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK


Topic Coordinator:

  • STAT2700  Applied Statistics Laboratory
  • STAT3701  Statistical Science
  • STAT3702  Stochastic Processes
  • STAT5702  Statistical Methods for Engineering and Science

Research and supervision

Research expertise

  • Applied mathematics
  • Mathematics sciences
  • Statistics

Research interests

Probability Modelling
Analysis of Survival Data

Supervisory interests

  • Applied statistics
  • Probability and games of chance

RHD research supervision


Principal supervisor: Applied Statistics (1);


Refereed journal articles
  • Van Ruth, P.D., Qin, J. and Branford, A. (2012). Size dependent competition in centric diatoms as a function of nitrogen and silicon availability. Open Journal of Marine Science, 2(1) pp. 33-42. [10.4236/ojms.2012.21005]
  • Kuhn, J., Warren, A., Maletta, D. and Branford, A.J. (2011). Local grade inflation and local proportion of withdrawals. Research in Higher Education Journal, 14 pp. 66-98. [Link]
  • Codd, J.R., Sanderson, K.J. and Branford, A.J. (2003). Roosting activity budget of the southern bent-wing bat (Miniopterus schreibersii bassanii) Australian Journal of Zoology, 51(3) pp. 307-316. [doi:10.1071/ZO01079]
Refereed conference papers
  • Lee, G.N. and Branford, A.J. (2009). Bias in radiologic studies: a review. In RSNA, ed. 95th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting Program, Radiological Society of North America. Chicago , USA: Radiological Society of North America. 95th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Chicago, USA. Nov 2009, pp. 1082-1082.
  • Branford, A.J. (2001). Statistics Computing Laboratory. In Chapman, G.M., ed. Computer Based Learning in Science. Ostrava, Czech Republic: Pedagogical Faculty of University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. Fifth International Conference on Computer Based Learning in Science. Brno, Czech Republic. Jul 2001.

Professional and community engagement

Statistical Society of Australia Inc

Expertise for media contact

  • Classification Theory the assigning of objects of unknown classification to one of a known set of groupings, cluster analysis: the detection of clusters within groups of objects
  • Analysis of Survival Data the inference of the effects of explanatory variables on survival time
  • Probability and Games of Chance the philosophy of probability, models of systems subject to chance, analysis of games of chance


  • Statistics

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