Dr Michael Bell

Position/s:Coordinator Educational Leadership and Management
School of Education
Phone: +61 8 82012266
Location: Education Building (5.56)
Postal address: GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Research and supervision

Research interests

My current research looks at strengths based understandings of leadership formation in context. I'm interested in the role of agency within relational and contextually situated leadership. In particular I am interested in the means through which leaders might generate increased life giving agency within prescriptive environments given the demands of senior leadership roles.

Supervisory interests

  • Educational leaders
  • Educational leadership and management
  • Enhancing leadership

RHD research supervision


Principal supervisor: Innovation in Educational Contexts (1);

Associate supervisor: Knowledge Management (2);


Associate supervisor: Leadership Formation (1);


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  • Bell, M. (2008). Enacting Servant Leadership. Koln: Lambert Academic Publishing.
Book chapters
  • Bell, M. (2013). Achieving International Mindedness. In Lesley P. Stagg, ed. International Mindedness: global perspectives for learners and educators. Kent: Urbane Publications, pp. 31-49.
Refereed journal articles
  • Giles, D.L. and Bell, M. (2014). Eportfolios and leadership preparation and development: A tool for enabling educational leaders? Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education,
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Journal articles
  • Bell, M. and Habel, S. (2012). Toward a Curriculum for Lead Management: An Outcomes-Based Approach to a Certificate? The International Journal of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, XXXI(2) pp. 42-53. [Link]
Conference publications
  • Giles, D.L. and Bell, M. (2011). Eportfolios and leadership preparation and development: Another gimmick or a tool which enables deepening understandings of leadership? In Australian Council of Educational Leadership. Australian Council of Educational Leadership International Conference.
Other public research outputs
  • Bell, M. (2012). Focus.

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