Assoc Prof David Green

David Green
School of Education
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Postal address: GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia


  • Master of Science (University of Oregon)
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Diploma of Teaching

Honours, awards and grants

2010: Recipient of $40 000 grant from Department of Health and Ageing: Learning together: developing multi disciplinary learning between health students and the use of Second Life (an innovative technologically supported pedagogical tool) in the core mental health topic of undergraduate health courses: Team application: Professor Eimear Muir-Cochrane, A/Professor John McMillan, Dr Sharon Lawn, Pat Barkway, Louise Roberts, David Green
2009: Recipient of a $4 000 Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences Faculty Research Support Grant: ELearning: Does what we believe about teaching and learning drive how we use technology: Team application: Dr Anuradha Mundkur, Mr David Green,
2009: Recipient of an $11 000 Flinders University Teaching and Learning Innovations Grant: Developing Second Life as a teaching and learning tool: an authentic learning experience through simulation and role-play : Team Application - A/Professor Richard Bentham, Dr Kirstin Ross, Mr David Green & Ms Kelly Marshall
2006: Recipient of $196 000 Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (now ALTC) Competitive Grant: The Impact of Web Based Lecture Recording Technologies on Teaching and Learning with Macquarie, Flinders, Newcastle and Murdoch Universities: Team application: A/Prof Maree Gosper, A/Prof Rob Phillips, Mr David Green, Dr Greg Preston
1994: Recipient of Australian Post Graduate Research Award (APRA) to fund Doctoral Studies in Technology and Mathematics Education

Key responsibilities

  • ICT policy advice to Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)
  • Leadership and coordination of Faculty Flexible Education teams
  • Analysis and implementation of staff development needs for Flexible Delivery and IT related training
  • Implementation of University wide educational software package (WebCT)
  • Leadership and coordination of education related software packages (eg text matching software, student portal, virtual classroom)
  • Representation of Flinders University at ACODE
  • Educational Design consulting service to academics
  • Management of budgets and staff
  • Other associated academic duties


Teaching interests

Facilitator for the following Centre for Educational ICT workshops/events:

  • Designing and teaching a fully online topic
  • Using FLO to support good educational practice
  • Using text matching software to support academic integrity
  • Designing and building online content
  • Second Life to support teaching and learning
  • Emerging Technologies User Group (ETUG)

Presenter for the following Centre for University Teaching workshops/events:

  • Flinders Foundations of University Teaching
  • Academic Internship Program

Research and supervision

Research interests

  • Manging the implementation of ICTs in a University setting
  • Impact of lecture recoding technologies on teaching and learning
  • Web 2.0 developments and their impact on teaching and learning


Refereed journal articles
  • Preston, G., Phillips, R., Gosper, M., McNeill, M., Woo, K. and Green, D.J. (2010). Web-based lecture technologies: Highlighting the changing nature of teaching and learning. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 26(6) pp. 717-728.
  • Woo, K., Gosper, M., McNeill, M., Preston, G., Green, D.J. and Phillips, R. (2008). Web-based lecture technologies: blurring the boundaries between face-to-face and distance learning. Association For Learning Technology Journal, 16(2) pp. 81-93. [doi:10.1080/09687760802315895]
  • Green, D.J., Lindemann, I.C., Marshall, K.M. and Wilkinson, G.D. (2005). Student perceptions of a trial of electronic text matching software: a preliminary investigation. Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice, 2(3a) pp. 25-36. [Link]
Refereed conference papers
  • Gosper, M., McNeill, M., Woo, K., Phillips, R., Preston, G. and Green, D.J. (2007). Web-based lecture recording technologies: do students learn from them? In Linda O'Brien, ed. EDUCAUSE Australasia 2007. Melbourne, VIC: EDUCAUSE Australasia. EDUCAUSE Australasia 2007. Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Apr 2007. [Link]
  • McNeill, M., Woo, K., Gosper, M., Phillips, R., Preston, G. and Green, D.J. (2007). Using web-based lecture technologies - advice from students. In Enhancing Higher Education, Theory and Scholarship: Proceedings of the 30th HERDSA Annual Conference. Milperra, NSW: Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia, Inc. HERDSA. Adelaide, SA. Jul 2007. [Link]
  • Phillips, R., Gosper, M., McNeill, M., Woo, K., Preston, G. and Green, D.J. (2007). Staff and student perspectives on web based lecture technologies: insights into the great divide. In Atkinson, R.J & McBeath. C, ed. ICT: Providing choices for learners and learning: Proceedings Ascilite Singapore 2007. Byron Bay, NSW: ascilite. Ascilite. Singapore, pp. 854-864. [Link]
Conference publications
  • Muir-Cochrane, E.C., McMillan, J.R., Lawn, S.J., Barkway, P.M., Roberts, L. and Green, D.J. (2010). Mental health education for the future: Learning together through Second Life. In Creating Futures 2010. Creating Futures 2010. Cairns, Queensland. Sep 2010, pp. 46-46.
Other public research outputs
  • Rolston, A., Gannon, R., Green, D., Beaumont, K. and Dittmann, S. (2010). Macrobenthic Invertebrates of the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth Ramsar Site: A Literature Review of Responses to Changing Environmental Conditions.
  • Gosper, M., Green, D.J., McNeill, M., Phillips, R., Preston, G. and Woo, K. (2008). The impact of web-based lecture technologies on current and future practices in learning and teaching. Australia: Australian Learning and Teaching Council. [Link]
  • Davies, P.G., Dolinski, C.M. and Green, D.J. (2002). Out of Alice - The inside story.

Professional and community engagement

2010: South Australian Gifted Education (SAGE) Camp
2009: Adelaide Womens and Childrens Hospital
2007: IRUA Benchmarking of ICTs Project
2006: LaTrobe University WebCT implementation retreat
2006: Resource Identification Network (RIN) Evaluation Team, Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
2003: Australian Science Mathematics School Professional Development Group
2003: Flinders Medical Centre Intranet design
2003: Review of Computing Support, Faculty of Science and Engineering FU
2002: Australian Science Mathematics School Infrastructure Design
2001: Prince Alfred College: Implementation of WebCT
2000: LaTrobe University, Implementation of WebCT
1992: Scaling Advisory Committee, SSABSA.
1987: Database Design, Exploratory Data Analysis Package for Prologic Pty. Ltd.
1983: Computing Curriculum Document, Kingston Area School

Membership of Professional Bodies
2006- 2007 Executive Member, Australasian Council for Open Distance and Elearning (ACODE)
2001-present Institutional representative ACODE
1996- present Member, WWW Courseware Development List (based in University of New Brunswick)
1999-2003: Member, ODLAA
1998-2000: Member, HERDSA
1994-2001 Member, ASCILITE
1994- present: Member, Instructional Technology Forum List (based in University of Georgia)
1994-2000: Member, Toolbook Developers List (based in University of Arizona)
1988-2000: Professional Member of International Society for Technology in Education including the Special Interest Groups of LOGO, Telecommunications and Distance Education, Multimedia and Teacher Educators.
1986-1989: Computers in Education Group of South Australia
1982-present Registered Teacher in South Australia
1981- present: Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers
1981-1994: Mathematics Association of South Australia

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