Mr Matthew Kokegei

Position/s:Postgraduate Research Student
School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics
Phone: +61 8 82015158
Location: Engineering (418)
Postal address: GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Research and supervision


Book chapters
  • Kokegei, M., He, F. and Sammut, K. (2011). Fully Coupled 6 Degree-of-Freedom Control of an Over-Actuated Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. In Nuno A. Cruz, ed. Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. Rijeka, Croatia: InTech, pp. 147-171. [10.5772/25064]
Refereed conference papers
  • Kokegei, M.B., He, F. and Sammut, K. (2009). Nonlinear fully-coupled control of AUVs. In Martyn Witton, ed. First Annual 2009 Conference of the Society for Underwater Technology. Perth, WA: Society for Underwater Technology Australasia Perth Branch Office. Society for Underwater Technology 2009. Perth, WA. Feb 2009.
Conference publications
  • Kokegei, M.B., He, F. and Sammut, K. (2008). Fully-coupled 6 degrees-of-freedom control of autonomous underwater vehicles. In MTS/IEEE Oceans '08 Conference. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE. MTS/IEEE Oceans '08 Conference. Quebec, QC. Sep 2008.

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