Research interests

Cultural studies


Socio-legal studies

Physical cultural studies

Critical legal theory

Supervisory interests

  • Critical criminology
  • Law and cultural theory
  • Philosophy of law
  • Socio-legal studies
  • Sport, media and culture

RHD research supervision


Principal supervisor : cultural studies, cultural theory (York University, Ontario) (1) ;

Associate supervisor : design modeling, creative industries, education policy (1) ; film studies, social theory (1) ; cultural studies, migration, African culture (1) ; sociology of the professions, professional educators in Australia, education policy (1) ;


Principal supervisor : sports adjudication, sports refereeing, sports governance (Charles Sturt Univ) (1) ; policing, media, police TV series, critical criminology (Charles Sturt Univ) (1) ; football stadia, football fandom, criminology (Univ of Brighton) (1) ; football hooligan gangs, critical criminology, ethnography (Univ of Brighton) (1) ; Sport for peace, sport nd international relations (Univ of Brighton) (1) ;

Associate supervisor : maths education, neo-liberalism (Charles Sturt Univ) (1) ; football labour markets, leisure industries (Univ of Brighton) (1) ; trans-disciplinary design (Univ of Bolton) (1) ;


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Postal address: GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
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