Internal Documents

Certain documents, reports, and statistics are only available for use by Flinders University staff and students. These primarily involve Key Accountability Measures and Educational Profiles/Institution Assessment Framework material. They have been identified by:

Accessible only via login with a Flinders Authentication Name (FAN).

These pages require a login with your Flinders Authentication Name (FAN) to gain access. If you have any problems accessing these documents, please email with your name, association with the university, phone or email, and your Flinders Authentication Name (FAN). Also contact Information Technology Services Client Services to check that you FAN is operational.

It is important to note that these files and reports can only be viewed by Flinders University Staff and Students and are not to be distributed or forward to any external parties. If you are not a Flinders University staff or student, you may still be permitted to view these files by first gaining written permission from the Associate Director, Planning Services. Please email for further details.

Additional Help

For any additional problems, please email