2016 Pivot Tables

The 2016 pivot tables are now accessible via Flinders Business Analytics (FBA) only

All staff should automatically have access to the Pivot Table folder from the FBA Home Page link above, however if you have any access issues please contact: julie.herraman@flinders.edu.au.

If you are external to Flinders University and require statistics, please make a request via our online contact form.

Historical Pivot Tables

All historical pivot tables are now accessible in FBA.

About Planning and Analytical Services

Learn more about Planning and Analytical Services and staff including a statistics request form.


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KAMS form part of a process of quality assurance in higher education. 


Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)

SET helps staff make informed decisions about improving student learning outcomes.  


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Results and reports from surveys conducted and/or analysed by Planning and Analytical Services. 


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