Staff SET Promotion

Promoting the SET in class

  1. Talk to your students about the SET. Let them know that the survey is open and they should have recently received an email with web address to the SET survey
  2. Let your students know that their feedback is important to you and how you use that feedback to improve topic delivery and teaching.
  3. Include the In-class SET Slide (PPTX 1MB) in your class presentation to assist students log on to and complete the SET survey.
  4. Play the 1 minute SET video at the beginning of your Lecture. The video is available on the desktops of PCs/Laptops within Lecture Theatres. It could be played once when students are seated, or on “continuous loop” while students enter the room.
  5. For classes held in a computing laboratory, ask your students to spend 5 minutes logging onto and completing their SET.
  6. For classes held in tutorial rooms, ask your students to use their own mobile phone/tablet/laptop to spend 5 minutes logging onto and completing their SET.
  7. If you do ask your students to complete their SET in class, it is best if teachers who are the subject of those evaluations are not present in the room while students are filling in the survey.