Staff SET Promotion

Promoting the SET in class

There are two things that you can do to increase the likelihood of good SET response rates.

First, please talk to your students about the SET. Let your students know that their feedback is important to you and how you use that feedback to improve topic delivery and teaching.

Second, where possible, please conduct the survey in class using the web-enabled electronic devices (such as smartphones, tablets, etc) that most students will be carrying with them. We have had very encouraging results with significantly improved response rates in many topics now undertaking in-class administration of the online SET instrument in this way. Students who do not participate in class can still undertake the survey out-of-class in the usual way.



Tips to promote & conduct the SET in class (PDF 21KB)

Tips to promote the SET on FLO (PDF 155KB)

Example SET text for direct emails (PDF 25KB)  

SET campaign poster (PDF 151KB)  

In addition, a 60-second SET promotional video has been loaded to PCs/laptops in Lecture Theatres for lecturers to play to students.

SET Promotional Video (external link)