Populize is an application developed as a social network tool to encourage students and teachers to engage with each other within the Flinders University academic environment.

The concept behind Populize won first-prize in the New Venture Institute Venture Dorm Program in 2014. The app was then developed as a tool which enables the user to provide immediate feedback on any experience, service or provision.

Populize provides a platform for staff to collect ongoing feedback from students. The platform enables students to give immediate feedback on their university experiences throughout the semester.

Populize allows all users to connect with each other in a supportive social and academic environment.

While the app is still being developed, the aim is to eventually use Populize across Flinders University as a way for teachers to collect feedback on topics and their teaching.

Populize is available for download in the respective app stores.




View a copy of the  Populize SET Reminder email (PDF 64KB)  here