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The University Archives forms part of the Policy and Secretariat Unit and is responsible to the Head, Policy and Secretariat and Secretary of Council for:

  • The identification and preservation of University records of historical value
  • The provision of appropriate storage for records which are no longer referenced for current business and have long retention periods
  • The retrieval of archived records as requested by depositors
  • Destruction of University records after the minimum retention period in accordance with disposal schedules

Retention/Destruction of Official Records 

The University is subject to Disposal Schedules GDS24, GDS15 and GDS21 issued by State Records under the State Records Act 1997 for the permanent retention or disposal of all University records.

# General Disposal Schedule No. 24 (GDS24) - operational records relating to South Australian Universities


General Disposal Schedule No. 15 (GDS15) - for administrative records common to State Government Agencies


General Disposal Schedule No. 21 - for Digitised Records


Appropriate records must be kept which document the destruction of official records under the abovementioned disposal schedules.  For further information contact the Records Management Archivist. (Ext 12884)

Archiving of Records

Whilst the Archives will accept all records worthy of permanent retention, other records which have lengthy retention periods may be deposited in the Archives pending destruction.

No material can be accepted by the Archives unless arrangements have been made with an Archivist (Ext 12884) or Manager, University Records (Ext 13056) to determine the required retention period(s) and provide advice on the completion of a transfer form.

The Archive Store is located off Car Park 9, adjacent to Flinders Press.  Access to the Archive Store is available by contacting the Records Management Archivist.

Records Management

The management of records and associated staff responsibilities are covered in the Records Management Policy.


Archives - Deposits & retrievals 

Tel:  (+61 8) 8201 2884

Email:  archives@flinders.edu.au

Policy and procedures

Mr Bas de Groot, Manager, University Records

Tel:  (+61 8) 8201 3056

Email:  bas.degroot@flinders.edu.au